[Interview] Elevating the PC Experience: Samsung and Intel Explore the Galaxy Book4 Series and Future of AI PCs

on February 27, 2024
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Samsung Electronics is making 2024 the year of the AI PC with the release of its most powerful and intelligent Galaxy Book product line yet, the Galaxy Book4 series.


This latest lineup — consisting of the Galaxy Book4 Ultra, Galaxy Book4 Pro and Galaxy Book4 Pro 360 — offers intelligent performance, enhanced security and a vivid, interactive display, all in an ultra-portable design. From the new Intel® Core™ Ultra Processor to the suite of AI features, the Galaxy Book4 series is packed with cutting-edge technology that aims to not only simplify but amplify users’ computing experience.


Visitors discovered the Galaxy Book4 series’ full capabilities inside Samsung’s booth at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024, the world’s largest mobile exhibition held from February 26-29 in Barcelona, Spain.


Samsung Newsroom sat down with Mincheol Lee, Head of Galaxy Eco Biz Team, Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics, and David Feng, Vice President of Client Computing Group and General Manager of Client Segments at Intel, to explore how the advancements in the Galaxy Book4 series can enrich the lives of users.



Unveiling the Galaxy Book4 Series, Powered by AI

Q. What key benefits can users expect from the new “AI PC” Galaxy Book4 series?


Lee: The Galaxy Book4 Ultra and Pro series exhibit unprecedented performance through a new Intel® Core™ Ultra processor that combines the latest central processing unit (CPU), graphics processing unit (GPU) and neural processing unit (NPU). In particular, the built-in NPU, Intel AI Boost, has been newly added for fast and efficient processing of large amounts of data — providing excellent multitasking and graphics performance. This new processor in the Galaxy Book4 series enables new AI functions that help increase productivity and offer new experiences in content creation and gaming.


In addition, various AI functions of the Galaxy S24 series can be conveniently accessed on a large PC screen with Link to Windows feature.



Q. An NPU has been newly added to the Intel® Core™ Ultra Processor, attracting quite some attention. Could you explain its role and function?



Feng: Intel is on a journey to empower everyone with AI on PCs with the recent launch of Intel Core Ultra. It’s important to note that the Intel Core Ultra processor introduces three AI engines — a CPU for fast response, a GPU for high throughput and a new NPU for low-power sustained AI workloads.


The new NPU can run AI applications at low power, freeing up the CPU and GPU for other system workloads like productivity and gaming. This means we are delivering elevated AI experiences on PCs without sacrificing system responsiveness, battery life or other vital functions.



Q. Is there anything else you’d like to highlight about the new product?


Lee: The Galaxy Book4 series boasts a variety of improvements and offers the best PC experience to users by providing various intelligent functions in cooperation with industry-leading partners, including Intel and Microsoft.


Intel’s latest Core Ultra processor and Samsung’s advanced hardware provide an optimized PC experience that supports better power efficiency and an improved cooling system. The Galaxy Book4 series is equipped with a Dynamic AMOLED 2X display that guarantees a clear viewing experience regardless of the environment, with a touchscreen function for more convenient usability. To provide a clear viewing experience anytime and anywhere, the anti-reflective display reduces glare on screen and Vision Booster automatically adjusts color contrast and brightness even in direct sunlight.


Through Samsung’s own Galaxy Ecosystem, the Galaxy Book4 series provides powerful connected use of PCs, phones and tablets — all secured by Samsung Knox, which protects critical system data through 10 years of accumulated security technology and dedicated security chips.



Collaboration for Disruptive Innovation

Q. What was the shared goal of Samsung Electronics and Intel for launching the Galaxy Book4 series, and what were the key areas of focus to achieve it?


Feng: Intel and Samsung strive to provide the best PCs to consumers. Intel’s approach to ecosystem development is built on our value of “openness.” With the launch of the Galaxy Book4 series, Intel is committed to strengthening our existing collaboration while constantly exploring new opportunities as disruptive innovation is a critical way to help the PC industry grow.


Lee: Samsung and Intel are strong partners. We share the goal of delivering the best PC experience to consumers through new AI experiences, immersive graphics and an optimal balance of battery life and performance. We continuously strengthen the fundamental competitiveness of PCs, such as performance, mobility and connectivity, to advance customers’ product usage experience. With the Galaxy Book4 series’ slim, lightweight design and the new Intel Core Ultra processors, Samsung introduces new AI experiences to more customers.



Q. What was the most challenging aspect in the collaboration process for developing the latest Galaxy Book series, and how did you overcome it?


Lee: To deliver the best AI experience on PCs, the Intel and Samsung teams worked closely to create the best platform and develop key applications that bring AI experiences to life. This was a new muscle the teams needed to build, and they did an excellent job by seamlessly working together.



Q. Please let us know Intel’s vision in collaborating with Samsung Electronics. What impact are you expecting the collaboration between the two industry leaders to make in the market?


Feng: Intel appreciates how Samsung has been focused on delivering superb user experience through devices, accessories and a software ecosystem. We are committed to collaborating with Samsung to bring consumers the best products, technology and experiences. The launch of the Galaxy Book4 series is a testament to the deep collaboration between the two companies.



A New Era of AI PCs

Q. How do you expect the new Galaxy Book4 series to impact the PC market?



Lee: The PC market is expected to grow worldwide in 2024. The AI PC represents additional growth opportunities as we capture the benefits of new AI experiences for end users. We are confident that the Galaxy Book4 series — equipped with Intel’s latest Core Ultra chipset in combination with Samsung’s hardware heritage and connected ecosystem — will offer a superb productivity experience as we enter the new era of AI PCs.



Q. Given the ever-evolving demands of consumers, what lifestyle trends are Intel and Samsung paying the most attention to in the PC industry today?


Lee: More than ever, consumers are looking for the flexibility to work, learn and play from anywhere. Consumers need to feel connected, productive and secure, with a range of tools available at their fingertips that help them optimize every experience. We are committed to empowering people to experience new possibilities that enhance their everyday lives. As devices become more integrated, the PC is set to play a key role in enabling connectivity that changes the way consumers interact with their PCs, phones, tablets and other devices.


With every iteration of the Galaxy Book series, Samsung is bringing more intelligent, connected and secure PC experiences to consumers worldwide. The Galaxy Book4 series will be available starting February 26 in select markets, including France, Germany, the U.K. and the U.S. For more information, please visit samsung.com/galaxy-book.

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