It all starts when the door is opened: Samsung’s Hospitality Solutions

on September 10, 2014
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Income and population continue to rise in many different parts of the world, and with this growth comes an increasing number of world travelers. To meet the rising number of travelers, both domestically and internationally, it is more important than ever for the hospitality industry to meet the trend and high standards of diverse groups of people, especially tech savvy consumers. However, considering the infrastructure of many hospitality businesses, it can be a challenge to provide customized solutions for each customer.


Leveraging its expertise in technology, Samsung has been able to provide various businesses with integrated and customized solutions that result in unparalleled customer satisfaction. At IFA 2014, Samsung is showcasing its solutions for the hospitality industry, emphasizing that customer’s experience starts as soon as they check in.






With Samsung’s interactive kiosks options, hospitality businesses can let customers check-in whenever they want, bypassing the administrative process of the front desk. Especially with the kiosk, customers can take advantage of other self-service options, such as making dining reservations. This is great in terms of hotel management, allowing businesses to reduce costs using customized content creation.






The lobby is where hotels make their first impression, so it is important for hotels to dazzle customers as soon as they enter. With the Samsung UED series SMART Signage units, hotels can immediately impress their customers with their size, design and clear display.


With the MagiInfo videowall display solutions, hotels can manage and control impressive video walls from a centralized location to unify the brand message across the entire chain. Easy and effective.




Room Amenities


As people are getting more tech savvy, hotels need to make sure to keep up with their customers taste for technology. This means that customers want access to contents whenever and wherever they are, including entertainment. Samsung Smart Hospitality Displays lets customers display their mobile content, such as photos, videos, or even games. They can stream mobile device content on the display and watch TV on their mobile devices.


Moreover, LYNK SINC 3.0, lets hotel management easily provide customized content over an IP-based infrastructure, allowing guests to feel more welcomed.




Hotel Amenities


There are more solutions Samsung can provide in a hotel, including solutions for restaurants, retail shops, convention centers and administrative offices. From Smart Signage to Interactive whiteboard, Samsung is able to provide various solutions catering to each venue’s purpose. In the end, each solution’s goal is to streamline the work flow better, meet customer’s need, and be cost-efficient. 



From hardware to software, Samsung is able to provide an end to end solution for the hospitality industry to stay competitive and keep up with the current tech trends to meet customer needs. Samsung has been working with various partners and has proven the effectiveness of its solution. Next time you step inside a hotel and feel welcomed, look around and see if you see any Samsung’s solutions. Check out more information on Samsung’s B2B activities at


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