It is quite clear what Samsung wants to do in the future: take away from ITU and WIS

on November 4, 2014
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Conferences and tradeshows are about the future, and that is why people love them. Recently in Korea, Samsung has been participating in two major IT events: ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2014 and WIS, World IT show. Since both events were taking place in BEXCO, Busan, we decided to check them out to see what direction Samsung is going to take for the future. First, let’s check out the highlights for both events.


Samsung at ITU 2014 and WIS


You need Wi-Fi for 5,000 Smart devices? No problem


About 3,000 government officials from 170 countries, including 140 ministers of China, Russia, Poland Italy and more, have been discussing the current and future state of international ICT (Information and Communications Technology) and its medium and long term strategy at ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2014, a 3-week conference (from October 20th to November 7th) of the world’s most influential and established experts talking about the future of ICT.


During the conference, about 2,000 people will be connected to the internet downloading/uploading files and up to 5,000 mobile devices are expected to be used. This means the network, especially Wi-Fi, will play a significant role in the overall impression of the conference; it not only needs to be stable, but also safe. Therefore, Samsung took responsibility for providing the network.


Samsung WEA303i Wireless AP (Access Point)Samsung WEA303i Wireless AP (Access Point)

Samsung decided to install 350 Samsung WEA303i Wireless AP (Access Point) behind the table, as can be seen in the picture above. Samsung has also installed 4 Samsung Access Point Controllers (WEC8500), which are dual concurrent radio products, each radio capable of running in both 2.4 and 5GHz band.


WEA303 not only support standard wireless LAN for fast data transfer rate, it also features the Wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS) to protect against any hacking. It is a high performance AP that can detect a hacking attempt in 10 seconds and block it within 30 seconds. WEC8500 has a maximum capacity of supporting 1,000 APs. Altogether, they can support 2,000 peoples’ 5,000 smart devices stably and safely.


At ITU, Samsung has been successfully and seamlessly showcasing the capacity and performance of its network solutions. Samsung has been providing the conference an environment where people can fully focus on talking about the future of IT rather than struggling to find Wi-Fi, or could we say ‘a sense of comfort’.


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Smart Home on full display


Speaking of comfort, providing a stable and safe network solution wasn’t the only convenience Samsung offered. In BEXCO, where ITU 2014 is being held, WIS 2014, World IT Show was also held for the first 3 days of ITU. If the network solution was something that was intangible, what Samsung showcased at WIS 2014 was the opposite. Samsung’s Smart Home was on full demonstration.


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Here are some highlights of the Smart Home demonstrations:


– Control non-Smart devices at home from outside


As you can see in the photo above, the door has been locked, which is implying that you are outside of the house. With the app on the smartphone, you can not only turn off the lights or power that you forgot to before you left the house. With a device called Smart Plug, you can control non-smart home appliances such as air purifiers, humidifiers, electrical stoves, and more.


– No interruption allowed during TV time


Not many people enjoy being interrupted during their favorite movie or TV show, especially at home. The ‘Movie Mode’ automatically dims the lamplights and activates the surround sound system to make an optimized environment for movie watching. Moreover, you can also get notifications on your screen about laundry being done or people at your doorstep. And with the IP camera installed outside of your front door, the Smart Home app connects the TV and the IP camera so that you can let them in as well.


– Kitchen


Once you are in the kitchen, you need to stay in the kitchen to make sure nothing burns, which makes it hard for people to move around the house to answer phone calls or control the TV. Smart Home cannot only let you answer phone calls with your Wi-Fi connected refrigerator, you can also mirror the TV screen to it. Moreover, using Samsung’s wearable device, you can also command the robot cleaner to clean the house as well.


The situation and demonstration may vary by country and culture, but the main object of the Smart Home seemed quite universal. It is to lessen the burden of doing household chores and give us more time doing something that we want to do. And it is exciting to see Samsung pioneering Smart Home.



The point to take away from ITU and WIS


If you were to think that the two exhibitions, ITU and WIS, were completely irrelevant, here is a thought. Many people may know Samsung as a mobile device vendor, but Samsung develops and mass-produces TVs, and various types of home appliances; the product portfolio for ‘end users’ is quite diverse.


Samsung has been producing semiconductors and network technologies for a while. For example, Samsung has recently announced two industry-first milestones in the development of 5G telecommunications networking technology. Samsung also recently announced the development of its 60 GHz WI-Fi technology that enables data transmission speeds of up to 4.6Gbps, a five-fold increase from the maximum speed possible with existing consumer electronics devices.


And with the Smart Home that is being showcased around the world, the direction Samsung is taking seems to be quite clear: IoT, the Internet of Things.


If you want to find out more about Smart Home, from BK Yoon and Samsung’s vision for ‘Home of the Future’ to the expectation, current state, and the near future of Smart Home, we at Samsung Tomorrow have been covering the details about the Smart Home.


As you can see, Samsung had a lot to offer at both conferences, from infrastructure to exhibitions. It’s hard to tell what the future will bring, but it’s safe to say that Samsung will be at the forefront, and the benefits will be huge.

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