Laptop? Check. Tablet? Check. ATIV Smart PC does it all!

on December 4, 2012
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Play games using large touch screen



Do you love playing high performance games, but you don’t like lags?  Your worries are over, because on Samsung’s ATIV SMART PCs, you can play games with the same performance as high-end laptops like the Samsung Series 9. Even better – games can be played without a mouse or keyboard using the touch screen.


Since the Samsung ATIV SMART PC Pro supports high performance games, users can now enjoy games anywhere. Touch controls are simple and easy.



Is it a laptop or tablet?



ATIV PC seems like a laptop and tablet at the same time. Separate the keyboard from the monitor to use it as a tablet, and attach the keyboard to use it as a laptop. You may use the device in either way comfortably and flexibly.


For more information about ATIV Smart PC, click the following link:



No time to feel bored with ATIV Smart PC!



ATIV Smart PC offers the widely used QWERTY keyboard and also a SPLIT keyboard for easier two-thumb typing. Users can choose the type of keyboard they want to use. Also, the ATIV Smart PC features an S pen to allow easier drawing. While it has hundreds of uses, one of the cool things it allows for is decorating your photos.



Lastly, there are applications exclusively made for ATIV Smart PC. If you want even more than the applications provided, you may visit the MS Market and download applications.


Here is a video clip of someone trying out an ATIV SMART PC. Feel free check it out! Sorry, we do not have English version of the clip available, but it’s pretty self-explanatory so you might be able to follow along with the video anyways!




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