Let’s talk about the design of the Galaxy Note Edge

on October 28, 2014
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Although the philosophy of the design of the Galaxy Note 4, ‘Modern Sleek’, might be something that should be seen rather than read, we believed that we could share an article that would quench some thirst about the design related questions that were generated after this recently published article. So, in order to satisfy your desire for more information on the Galaxy Note Edge, we hope you enjoy this article on its design.


Galaxy Note Edge was designed to deliver the most advanced mobile experience.



Galaxy Note 4 = Modern Sleek; Galaxy Note Edge = ?


‘Modern’ was the design theme used for Samsung’s mobile devices. Based on intuitive and stylish design that reflects the modern urban lifestyle, Samsung decided to add and incorporate a futuristic value. Inspired from the curve of the nature, the delicate curve of the Edge screen was designed. The theme of ‘Modern Fluidic’ was set to express the most advanced mobile experience of the Galaxy Note Edge.


Delicate Curve of the Galaxy Note Edge



Inspiration from the Curve of the Nature


The delicately curved Edge screen was designed with the optimal curvature. It was inspired by the curve of wind and the shape of water droplet. Yes, nature is always a great source of inspiration, even for designing high-tech devices. The smooth curves found in nature are not only visually appealing but also provide a proper balance of functionality and aesthetics.


The Galaxy Note Edge's curved Edge screen was inspired by the curve of the Nature.



Authentic Design from Index cards of the Note


Where did the idea for the Edge Screen come from? The behavior of drawing and taking notes is a staple of the Samsung’s Galaxy Note series. Through the examination of the use of index cards that people use when taking notes, designers at Samsung found the potential use of the Edge Screen. By removing the bezel and extending the screen over a rounded edge, the screen was extended to have a unique, additional display on the side.


The idea of Edge screen was taken from the function of Index Cards.


Taken from the function of Index cards, the analog inspiration behind the Edge screen creates another dimension of mobile experiences while evoking a familiar feeling.



UX of the Revolving Edge Screen


In the last article, we talked about the inspiration of the Revolving UX; now here is what it is about.


One-Hand Optimization


The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Screen features a unique UX that spins like a revolving door, making it easy for the user to swipe through different screens. Dozens of tests were performed to ensure that the user could control the screen using only their thumb, as well as to ensure the proper size and spacing of icons and texts. In addition, the screen continues to function when the device is rotated 180 degrees, providing comfortable use for the Left-Handed.


The Galaxy Note Edge provides comfortable use for both of Right and Left handers.


Content-Centric Screen


The Edge Screen’s functions adapt to whatever application is on the Galaxy Note Edge’s main screen. In addition, the main screen was optimized to let the user enjoy the content by placing additional notifications on the Edge Screen. When playing a video or taking a note, the Edge Screen creates an unobstructed layout that allows users to concentrate on the main screen.


By placing additional notifications on the Edge screen, the main screen is optimized for enjoying the content.


Quick Access & Exclusive Accessories


The Edge Screen provides the user with empirical value on its own. The position of the edge screen allows for quicker and easier access to functions such as an alarm, voice recorder, ruler and stopwatch. In addition, the screen designs are customizable and can express a user’s personality by incorporating their personal photos and handwriting.


The Edge screen allows a quicker access to functions and provides  customizable accessories.



People today have become more intimate with our mobile devices. Samsung recreated the experience of writing in a notebook in order to continue human analogue behavior. Like the familiar experience delivered by the Edge Screen, Samsung will continue to create new levels of humanistic experience by combining analog interaction with digital experiences. For more stories about the design of Samsung products, visit Design Samsung website.



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