Made for Living: How QLED TV Blends Into Your Living Room

on January 6, 2017
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Design experts agree that it’s imperative that a television should add to the design of a home—not detract from it. Consumers want a TV that’s as beautiful when turned off as it is when it’s on. This is exactly what Samsung kept in mind when designing the brand new QLED TV.


Samsung QLED TV features a clean design aesthetic with an even slimmer nearly-there bezel, slim body, clean back and a no-gap wall mount that puts your TV flush against the wall. Also available are an array of stands that seamlessly blend in with your living space without compromising on essential features. Meanwhile, its practically invisible optical cable frees the area of messy wires, making it a device that is truly designed for living.


The QLED TV quite literally blends into your decor.


See how the boundless 360 design of QLED TV is transforming the living space of tomorrow, today.


TVs are getting bigger so they need to have a clean design aesthetic and blend in seamlessly with your home.


Fusing a slim, sleek and premium metal body with a nearly bezel-less display, Samsung’s QLED TV sets a tone of exceptional sophistication.


QLED TV keeps your media space organized with a single, practically invisible optical cable that connects the television to the One Connect Box, creating a clean aesthetic on all sides of the device, including the back.


With the nearly-invisible optical cable, the first thing you see is the TV, not a clutter of devices and wires underneath.


The television’s nearly-invisible optical cable is 16 feet long, meaning the devices connected to your TV no longer have to be piled up under it. For those who want to tuck cable boxes and consoles even further away, there’s an optional 49-foot cable as well.


QLED TV’s No-gap wall mount minimizes the space between the TV and the wall, all the while maintaining the very thin profile of the display.


The no-gap wall mount also minimizes installation time by making it easier to install on the wall as well as allowing the user to adjust the TV angle after it’s hung, eliminating the need for a level.


For those living spaces where mounting is not a practical solution, Samsung also offers a variety of stands – this is the Basic stand.


Optional Studio(left) and Gravity(right) stands are also available for those who want to make a statement.


Gravity Stand


Studio Stand

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