Master of Multitasking: Luxury Meets Productivity Power in the Galaxy Z Fold2

on September 24, 2020
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Whether we’re juggling the demands of work and home life or grinding to meet overlapping deadlines, multitasking has become an integral part of our daily lives. Now more than ever, users are seeking devices that make it easier to handle these complex demands. With the Galaxy Z Fold2, it’s never been easier to switch between your professional and personal life.


Luxury meets powerful productivity and flexibility in Samsung’s most ambitious foldable smartphone yet, delivering unparalleled multitasking in a true 2-in-1 experience. Designed with features that empower users to do more, achieve more, and explore more, the Galaxy Z Fold2 brings entirely new experiences to mobile.


Here’s a close-up look at how to get the most out of multitasking on the Galaxy Z Fold2.



Open Three Apps on One Screen




Work doesn’t always come at the most convenient times – sometimes we’re on the go, or right in the middle of another important task, when the boss sends an email with an urgent question. Multi-Active Window on the Galaxy Z Fold2 makes it easier to manage those moments and stay organized by allowing you to keep multiple app windows open on the same screen. You can get that email from your boss, check the answer on the web, and answer via messenger all on the same screen without ever closing a window. Even when you have multiple apps open, they still function smoothly in their resized configuration.


Multi-Active Window is easy to use. While one app is open you can drag and drop a second app icon to the screen, and it will automatically open in a second window. From there, you can tap the divider to customize the layout and arrange your apps as you like. The feature supports up to three apps, or you can run the same app in different windows simultaneously – particularly handy when you’re comparison shopping online and want to compare prices on different websites.



Make an App Pair to Fit Your Needs


Multitasking isn’t just easier and more powerful on the Galaxy Z Fold2 – it’s customizable. Multi-Window Tray saves you time by allowing you to create presets for Multi-Active Window using App Pair with up to three of your favorite apps. Not only can you launch the apps at the same time, you can launch them in your preferred Multi-Active Window layout. So, if you like starting your day with a coffee while you view your schedule, check emails, and catch up on the latest news, you can do it all with the tap of a single button from the app tray. To save your favorite app combinations and layouts, select the option menu from the divider while in Multi-Active Window Mode.



Drag Here, Drop There


Whether you want to drag and drop a graph from Excel right into PowerPoint, or take an image from your gallery and drop it into a message to send a friend, the Galaxy Z Fold2 makes multitasking more seamless with drag and drop functionality between apps. While using Multi-Active Window, you can drag and drop images, tables, hyperlinks, text and other content between supported apps. So, if you’re writing a work email and need to attach an image, it’s as easy as dragging the image from the Gallery app into the email – no need to exit and relaunch the apps or fiddle with settings.



Share It as You See It, Without Cropping


Sharing screenshots from the Galaxy Z Fold2 is smooth and painless. When using the device in Multi-Active Window mode, Split Screen Capture takes an individual screenshot of every app open. So, when you’re sending an updated presentation slide to your team, you can quickly grab a screenshot, then drag and drop it to the messenger without having to crop, edit, or exit and re-open apps. Split Screen Capture provides a seamless, uninterrupted experience.



See More, See Bigger


With the ability to customize the size of your text and icons, the Galaxy Z Fold2 has a layout for every Galaxy user. Whether you’re looking to maximize your device for productivity or entertainment, you can optimize your mobile experience with three different UI layouts and text size options: See More, See Bigger, and See Even Bigger. See More takes full advantage of the Galaxy Z Fold2’s large display, while See Bigger and See Even Bigger offer a more traditional phone UI experience that makes reading your screen easier on the eyes. Tweak the layout and view to optimize your experience with your most frequently used apps for multitasking that is completely tailored to your needs.

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