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Max It Up with Samsung SERIES 5 ULTRA on Facebook

on March 16, 2012


Always feel like you’re running short on time?  Too much to do but no way to fit it all in somewhere?  Maybe you need a portable device to max up your life for school, friends, work and everything else.  Here’s DJ Chad to introduce to you just that thing.



The Samsung Series 5 Ultra is a powerful little machine. Packed inside its thin and light (14~17.6mm and 1.28kg for the 13” model) exterior is the Intel i5 Processor, up to 8GB of memory and AMD Radeon HD graphics card.  With these specs the Ultra can boot up in just 20 seconds and browse the internet at lightning fast speeds.



But what does all this have to do with you? We just found out that you can win a Samsung Series 5 Ultra laptop through Facebook! Just use the Max It Up app on Facebook where DJ Chad will give you a social network interactive music video, featuring your friends, interests and other stuff on your Facebook.



Then fill up the Ultra, like the one below, with your favorite music, movies and friends to compete to win the laptop.  The participant with the most the points at the end of the season wins.



There will be 3 seasons spanning 3 weeks each, with one winner for each season.  Here’s the schedule for each season.



Don’t forget visit Samsung Notebook’s Facebook and YouTube for more information and videos. Or visit Samsung Tomorrow’s YouTube for more videos related to Samsung.


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