Meet Samsung’s Virtual Flame Induction Range at CES 2015

on January 9, 2015
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This year’s Consumer Electronics Show has been a helluva show. With Samsung going all out on the near-future concept of IoT, it has been fun to see how the range of products can come together.

Talking about range, one product has been on fire at CES 2015, well virtually, is the Samsung Electric Range with an innovative Virtual-Flame TM induction technology!


Before we dig into this new technology, homage must be paid to the conventional gas burner. We must never forget all the fine memories of toasting marshmallows and cooking franks or wieners (which are BTW, totally different things) directly on the burning red and blue flames. It might be too early to say goodbye, but we must welcome a new player in town.


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The new virtual-flame induction cooktop has a LED lighting embedded in the surface to mimic a real flame. This is not just about mimicking. This virtual flame shows how hot each ring of the induction cooktop is, which makes it easier to cook.


The virtual-flame sure is comforting, but the key here is the overall improvement in cooking experience. It directly transfers energy to the cookware, so you can instantly lower or raise the heat – you don’t have to wait for the pan to “catch up.”


One other notable thing about this Electric range is that it doesn’t use a digital control panel. Instead, it uses the conventional metal knobs for analog control. So you don’t have to memorize each degree or power of the flame, you can just go with the cooking instincts you have built up over time.


One of the biggest perks for using an invertor cooktop is the cleaning. If you ever had to clean up a kitchen, you’ll understand that cleaning gas burners is the most challenging part of keeping a stove looking good. But Samsung’s new induction range’s flat cooktop makes it so easy clean, just a simple wipe across it will do.


Samsung’s new induction range features a Chef Bake system that regulates the heat level, minimizes fluctuation, and enables you to cook each dish at precisely the optimal temperature. Overall, this range is all about better cooking experience… and let’s not forget the Virtual-Flame.



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