Samsung Series 9 Monitor displays true-to-life colors, naturally!

on June 15, 2012
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Samsung Tomorrow has met the people through several interviews in charge of product planning, development, design, package design, and manufacturing technology of Samsung Series 9 Monitor .




Q. Please tell us about what you are proud of in Samsung Series 9 Monitor .


Ko: Development team is most proud of the Natural Color Expert (NCE) which is Samsung’s unique color calibration technology.


NCE technology adjusts three areas to enjoy the accurate natural colors: Uniformity that evens out the screen color and brightness, gamma that makes clear distinction of colors depending on brightness and white balance that can express the desired color through appropriate color temperature measurements.




Q. We’ve heard that all monitors are calibrated 1:1 right before the release. Tell us why you conduct the calibration works. And can the consumers alter the calibration by themselves at home?


Kim: The calibration is the last step before users get Samsung Series 9 Monitor. Today, not only professionals but general people also want fine image quality. Released with the masterpiece of monitors as the concept, Samsung Series 9 Monitor  is individually calibrated to provide high image quality closer to nature than any other.




Ko: Through NCE technology, we measure the uniformity, gamma, and white balance as mentioned above. Samsung Electronics provide calibration software for the consumers to adjust the screen as they wish.


Q. What was the hardest part in the development process of Samsung Series 9 Monitor?


Ko: As the display design was very simple, all of the main function buttons had to be installed in the stand board below. So we had to develop special cables that connect the display and the stand board. It was difficult to arrange 100 ultrathin wire strips to avoid electromagnetic wave issues or signal interference issues.


Q. Samsung Series 9 Monitor features a PLS panel. Please explain for us what PLS panel is.




Ko: PLS is the best wide viewing-angle panel of Samsung. By applying the PLS panel, 18 degrees of wide viewing angle can be secured. ‘Good viewing angle’ is determined by measurement of brightness/color compared to the front. Since, the amount of light that passes through from the back light is large for the PLS panel, meaning the penetration ratio is good, the clearness is relatively higher, and consumption power is relatively low.


Q. We have to mention the resolution and image quality. Improving resolution and image quality may be unfamiliar to general consumers. What process does it take?




Ko: An increase in the resolution basically means an increase in the density of the particles that express the colors. Samsung Series 9 Monitor supports an ultra-high resolution of 2560×1440 (QHD: Quad High-Definition), four times clearer than 720p HD resolution. In short, imagine four 27in Full HD displays stacked together.


And the image quality refers to the colors. Depending on how accurate the color expressions are, we say whether the image quality is good or bad. Samsung Series 9 Monitor measures three areas of color uniformity, white balance, and gamma through the program of Natural Color Expert, expressing more natural colors.


Q. What would be the future direction for the next-generation Samsung Monitor?




Ko: It is a difficult question. I can tell you two things. One is the expert monitor that provides a further improved image quality, and the other is the monitor as a smart device. Not as a simple display, but like the smart station unveiled in the past CES 2012, there will be efforts to enhance the connectivity with surrounding IT devices.


Samsung Tomorrow wants to thank all of the individuals who took the time to speak to us, and allowed us to take a peek at the design process of the Samsung Series 9 Monitor. It’s easy to see now why Samsung Series 9 Monitor is considered as a premium monitor for craftsmanship. We hope that you have enjoyed taking a look behind the scenes of this amazing product, and seeing how Samsung is crafting a smarter future for all of us.


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