Monitors Rise as Stand-Alone Devices

on August 30, 2015
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SE370 Monitor

SE370 Monitor


Unlike their predecessors, monitors these days are equipped with a variety of functions; they can be utilized as TV sets, multi-media players or PCs with handy features including cloud computing and wireless battery charging for mobile devices. What we’re really witnessing is the rise of monitors as stand-alone devices.


In the past, a standard monitor had to work with a desktop PC, just like a needle and a thread. But things have changed now; we find ourselves amazed by the large number of monitors with unprecedented independence. Going beyond their previously simple roles as support devices, monitors are raising their own stakes by starting to work as independent IT devices.


TD590C Monitor

TD590C Monitor


Monitors Expand Their Roles to TV, Speakers and Multi-Media Players


Samsung’s 27-inch Curved TV Monitor, TD 590C not only functions as a monitor, but it can also be used as a second TV. The product gives users a mini-movie theatre of their own with its built-in 5W dual-stereo speaker and a curved screen that delivers a strong sense of immersion.


The TD 590C also comes with Samsung’s new handy feature, Football Mode, which provides a realistic experience—as if users are actually at the match—with life-like pictures and stereo sound. In addition, its picture in picture, PIP +, lets users enjoy two different multimedia content, at the same time. It can display a second video in an inset window, which is about one quarter of the screen.


The monitor’s graceful curves of the screen and of the stand, its luxurious metallic appearance and its clean back design visually enhance a customer’s bedroom or hotel room.


TD590C Monitor

TD590C Monitor


Samsung also created a new model dedicated to multimedia features, which supports Smart TV functions. The TD390S (23.6-inch and 27-inch) can connect to Samsung TV’s Smart Hub, allowing people to watch a variety of TV programs, using exclusive applications. Using Smart Hub, the TD390 can consider users’ viewing patterns and suggest real-time broadcasts and TV content they may be interested in.


In addition, the TD390S lets users play games, watch videos via YouTube, Netflix and TED, and access weather forecasting services or daily feeds from numerous newspapers and broadcast media. The TD390S also supports Screen Mirroring, which allows users to enjoy the video content on their smart phones with its much bigger screen. Using the Content Sharing feature, users can send multiple types of media content, including pictures, music and videos, directly to the TD390S to enjoy.


ATIV One 7 Curved

ATIV One 7 Curved


Monitors Work as a PC and a Wireless Battery Charger


As more people replace their traditional desktop PCs with all-in-one counterparts these days, Samsung’s ATIV One 7 Curved (27-inch) is a leading choice. Although it looks like a simple monitor, it is actually a high-end, all-in-one PC that comes with an OS, CPU and data storage.


ATIV One 7 Curved can also perform as a customer’s secondary TV with its full HD curved display and Dolby home theatre audio. It supports Bluetooth Music Play 3.0, which lets users listen to the music in their smart phones with the monitor’s built-in 10W stereo speaker, by wirelessly connecting it to smart devices.


ATIV One 7 Curved Monitor

ATIV One 7 Curved Monitor


By successfully incorporating wireless charging functions in the monitors, Samsung accomplished another important innovation, taking the value of its products to the next level. Last month, Samsung released the SE370 (24-inch and 27-inch), the industry’s first monitor with an integrated wireless charging function for mobile devices on a charging area built into the monitor’s stand.


All the users need to do is place their smart phone (whether it’s a Galaxy S6, a Galaxy Note5 or any device using a compatible wireless battery cover) on the charging area to initiate automatic charging. The SE370 monitor declutters the work area by getting rid of unnecessary cables and ports needed to charge mobile devices. Thanks to its great performance and innovative features the free the users from desktop charging kits, the SE370 has been well-received by consumers around the world.


SE370 Monitor

SE370 Monitor


Monitors Play a Greater Role in the Office


Monitors are now serving greater roles in offices, serving as an extended screen for seamless collaboration between co-workers and for multi-tasking. In addition, they seem to enjoy greater independence as Virtual Display Infrastructure (VDI)—through which we procure necessary data and computing resource from an integrated server system without PCs—gets increasingly popular in business environments.


The SE 650·450·200, which are Samsung’s monitors for B2B, include health-conscious functions such as Eye Saver Mode and Flicker Free to ensure maximum comfort for our eyes. Also, they contribute greatly to reducing electricity costs in the office, thanks to their near-zero off-mode power consumption (0.005W) and Smart Eco Saving feature, which lowers their operational power use by approximately 10%.


Samsung also makes Samsung Cloud Display models dedicated to the VDI environment. As a result of Samsung’s partnership with VMware, Teradici and Microsoft, these models boast improved security and increased productivity. Businesses are free to choose from options based on their needs. Available models range from Samsung’s All-in-One models for optimized VDI performance to Box-Type alternatives that can work with existing monitors in use.


Monitor_Cloud Monitor_1


High-End Monitors to Show 50 Percent Surge in Average Annual Sales


Equipped with many different features, advanced functions and superior picture quality, stand-alone monitors are solidifying their presence in the market. According to IHS Technology, a leading market research firm, high-end monitors above WQHD (2,048×1,536 pixels) are expected to show rapid sales growth of approximately 52 percent annually until 2019.


Based on its competitiveness in the consumer electronics market, along with TV sets and smart devices, Samsung will continue to introduce new monitor products that deliver differentiated value to consumers.


“Our latest monitor with wireless battery charging functions for mobile devices presents customers with a new value and experience, revitalizing the market,” said Seok-gi Kim, Senior Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “Samsung will continue to spearhead the ‘innovations in monitors’ by utilizing highly useful technologies.”

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