Monkeys Attack a Samsung’s New Bottom Mounted Freezer

on February 5, 2013
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Monkeys are well known for their thievery, but how do they decide what’s worth the risk of stealing?  While appliances usually aren’t designed with monkey-theft in mind, it’s surprising to see our furry friends try to accomplish their mission.  This time, their target is Samsung’s new Refrigerator which offers a host of unique features to maximize space and a superior digital inverter technology.  Check out some stills from Samsung’s new viral video.

Monkeys Attack a Samsung’s New Bottom Mounted Freezer


The magazine advertisement reading “Easy In. Easy Out.,” was enough to woo in the monkey thief.  A quick call to his friends to determine if any Refrigerator was nearby started the ball rolling.


Monkeys Attack a Samsung’s New Bottom Mounted Freezer


At the first house they’ve checked out, there was a fridge which is not organized well and difficult to find things inside so they moved to next one. Now, that one has been found, it’s time to do the job.  Crack opens the freezer and steals the delicious treats inside so easily.


Monkeys Attack a Samsung’s New Bottom Mounted Freezer


Three boxes of pizza, milk, eggs, strawberries…and more! Now that he’s got all the food, it’s time to make a run for his money!


Monkeys Attack a Samsung’s New Bottom Mounted Freezer


Uh-oh – the owner is back… Do you wonder what she will see when she opens the door…let’s check out the film!



Next, let’s see why the thief monkeys chose the Samsung’s new Refrgerator among other freezers.


Monkeys Attack a Samsung’s New Bottom Mounted Freezer



Maximum Organization with No Dead Space


An Easy Slide shelf effortlessly slides out to enable more efficient organization and easy storing and removal of groceries, while reducing dead space deep inside. In a conventional refrigerator, it is inconvenient to put large items in the drawer due to its small entrance. But a Full Open Box in the new Bottom Mounted Freezer can be pulled out fully so you can store and take out large food items easily without dead space left. The Full Open Box can be pulled out fully to store items corner to corner and easily remove large and bulky food items. A wider and deeper Big Guard door shelf accommodates big and tall bottles – perfect for larger entertaining occasions that require many and varied size beverages. Now maximum organization is possible with no dead space with Samsung’s new Bottom Mounted Freezer.



Delivering Optimal Freshness and Unmatched Convenience


Samsung’s new Bottom Mounted Freezer offers several other category-first features that highlight convenience, including an entire Grab’n Go sauce basket that can be detached and moved for cooking or enjoying a meal, a 4.5-liter water tank connected to the door dispenser that can be filled with pure water for healthier consumption, a top LED that illuminates the refrigerator’s interior more brightly than conventional models.


No other refrigerator ensures optimal freshness which allows consumers enjoy healthy eating life like the new Bottom Mounted Freezer. A CoolSelect zone allows consumers to control the temperature of that compartment with a simple-touch button display, maximizing freshness and allowing the space to be multi-purpose to keep both vegetables and meat fresher for longer. Among these innovations is MoistFresh Zone, which controls the air circulation to maintain optimal humidity, creating an ideal environment to store vegetables and fruit freshly for a long time.


The refrigerator’s Easy Slide shelf also makes it easy to keep large amounts and various kinds of healthy fruits and vegetables accessible. Plus a digital inverter compressor maintains perfect freshness by automatically adjusting its speed to internal and external condition.


And No Frost Technology prevents ice buildup on the inside of the freezer wall and prevents water drop formation in the refrigerator that can leave stains.



Superior Digital Inverter Technology Improves Energy Efficiency


The new Bottom Mounted Freezer features Samsung’s superior digital inverter compressor that improves energy efficiency and cooling performance by automatically adjusting across five speeds of RPM in response to cooling demands. Whether due to frequent door openings, a hot plate of food or outside temperature changes, the compressor reacts to rapidly provide cold air or slow down to reduce unnecessary energy consumption. And, unlike other models, Samsung’s compressor operates smoothly at night with a lower noise level than that in a library.


And while this innovative inverter technology works to strengthen the durability and extend the life of the refrigerator, Samsung backs it up with a 10-year warranty – a first in this segment.


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