Natural growth of GALAXY S III

on August 24, 2012
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When you first touch the screen of GALAXY S III, you might notice the main theme of the GALAXY S III. It’s inspired by nature from unique effects such as ‘Water Rock Screen’ to natural sounds. Here is the interview video of designers. Let’s hear how they made GALAXY S III and what they mostly focused on.



GALAXY S III develops naturally



To create something new and meaningful takes a lot of hard work. The GALAXY S III is not simply an incremental improvement over previous GALAXY phone models. With design features carefully crafted around observation of natural phenomena, the Galaxy S III elicits an emotional connection with the user. It represents an entirely new beginning for Samsung smartphones.

Interaction between technology and humanity


Challenge of the manufacturing process

Designing flow of water



To design a new product, Samsung designers often travel the world to look for inspiration. At the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, for example, Product Designer Hangil Song saw harmony between the sky, the cityscape, and the water. It led to his design goal of conveying the form of water, and water that’s about to overflow, onto the Galaxy S III’s window design. It was a breathtaking view.



On a similar trip, he also witnessed pebbles in a stream sparkling under the sunlight. He spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to capture the flow of water and the reflection of light on the pebbles in the design of the phone.



The hair-line design of the phone was also evaluated, and it was decided that a more natural feel was needed. While in the past such designs are created with a chemical etching process, with the Galaxy S III the hair-lines were manually hand-crafted.




Compact and round design



To creates a certain light reflection that accentuates natural design even the slightest change in angle of the handset, designers carefully integrated the organic curvature of the phone’s casing with the square LCD module.




Making technology natural

Since the ‘unlock screen’ is actually the screen most often viewed by users, designers wanted users to be view this screen and be reminded of pleasant sensations or memories; for example, the feeling of running their hands through soft grass or dipping their feet in a stream or feeling the cool breeze while riding a bicycle. Sensations like that are always pleasant. From the beginning, they thought of how to simulate these sensations digitally as part of using the phone. So that not only the first impression is natural, but the experience becomes more meaningful the more you use the phone.




Most natural, most realistic sounds


In terms of sound, designers thought extensively about what could be the most natural as well as the most realistic sounds achievable by the phone. There is a string of events or actions associated with using a phone, such as turning it on, making a call, or using the web. Their goal was to make all those events feel like a “stroll in the woods”.




Sound of Juice





Understanding users



With curves and sounds specifically designed to blend natural forms into technology, the team of designers’ countless hours of work are now on display.  The GALAXY S III allows for seamless interaction with users, creating an experience unlike any other.

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