Need some facts checked? Fact Checkers Unit to the rescue!

on February 24, 2012
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Ever hear one of those rumors or urban legends that you have no way of knowing are true or false?  In the world of YouTube exists the Fact Checkers Unit.  Who are they, you ask?  They’re the fact checking duo from the webisodes in collaboration with Samsung and MTV.



The Fact Checkers Unit finds new ways to use the GALAXY Note in every episode, often with outlandish and side-splitting results. Another plus?  The wild celebrity cameos – some of the music industry’s biggest names, including T-Pain, Moby and that guy from Sugar Ray – certainly help the show’s popularity too. Why not watch a few episodes and see what you think?  Bonus points for catching all the awesome ways you can use GALAXY Note!


Episode 1: Moby’s Grammy



In this first episode, the Fact Checkers Unit (comprised of Russell, the one with mustache, and his partner Dylan) is threatening to crash the company party.  The boss, Jordache, creates the first of many diversions – she sends them to Arizona to verify the wild rumor that electronic-music-superstar Moby’s bones are unbreakable.  Using their GALAXY Notes, the Unit is able to gather their factual evidence, but not before incurring the wrath of Moby.


Episode 2: Three-Pain



Here, Russell and Dylan wake up in their RV… which is already moving!  Turns out they picked up (guest star) Sugar Ray, who plays DJ Booth heading to the “Flaming Man” music festival.  While on the road, FCU receives their new mission (via GALAXY Note) that they’ve got to find out whether rapper T-Pain actually sleeps in a coffin.  Their research leads them to a very private recording studio where the duo records a hilarious new song, “There’s a Party in my Mouth.”


Episode 3: Excessive Gass



After catching up on their TV shows on GALAXY Note while stranded in the desert without their RV, the Fact Checkers Unit gets their next assignment:  to TV viewing to find out if Kyle Gass from Tenacious D is riding a Segway across the country.  Amidst Dylan’s visions of visions of heat-and-exhaustion-induced delirium, the team find their RV but are almost immediately stopped by trigger-happy cops.  When Kyle Gass arrives on the scene, the cops use an unusual test to prove Kyle’s identity.


Episode 4: Fly Like a Buttress



Video chatting with the boss, on their GALAXY Note, the Fact Checkers Unit gets their new assignment: find out if DMC  (from rap super-group Run DMC) really thinks he’s a king and has locked himself in a castle.  With Dylan still hallucinating from lack of sleep, the duo find the castle and are immediately shot with an arrow by DMC himself.  Once inside, DMC professes to simply be shooting a video, but his video “cast and crew” hint at deeper issues.  This episode is a cliffhanger, with the castle under siege and Dylan professing his allegiance to the king.


Episode 5:  Tardy to the Party



Dancing at the company party to a tune by the mystery artist “Heavy Mustache,” the boss Jordache decides she needs the Fact Checkers Unit to find who Heavy Mustache is and where to find them.  Russell informs her of Dylan’s departure, and runs into DJ Booth, who is spinning the tunes at the party.  As Russell takes revenge on DJ Booth for his RV theft, chaos ensues, Heavy Mustache is revealed, and the party really gets started.  You’ve got to see how this one ends!


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