New Samsung Smart View Available for Better Smart TV Connectivity

on December 10, 2015
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Samsung Electronics launched its new Samsung Smart View app, currently available on select Samsung Smart TV models in beta format. The full version is scheduled to be released in early 2016. The new software, which allows users to conveniently share personal content with Samsung Smart TVs, integrates versions 1.0 and 2.0 and improves connection reliability, as well as expanding device compatibility.


The new Samsung Smart View app enables a wider range of devices to connect to Samsung Smart TVs, even beyond Samsung’s own Galaxy devices, for which the service was originally designed. As a result, Smart View now supports Android, iOS and Windows PCs, enabling users to transfer their own pictures, music and video content from their devices to their Samsung Smart TV.




Smart View can also now be used on a wider range of Samsung’s Smart TVs, from the 2011 models up to the latest 2015 SUHD line up.* The full version will also support the new SUHD TVs of 2016.


Once a device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as a Smart TV, consumers can immediately use the Smart View service simply by choosing which TV set to connect with. At the push of a button, this intuitive, newly designed app can instantly transfer content stored on mobile devices and PCs to TVs. Consumers can also use multiple functions simultaneously, and access other apps on their mobile devices without affecting the sharing function. For example, consumers can browse the internet on their smartphone, while watching a movie via Smart View on their Samsung Smart TV.


Consumers can install the updated Samsung Smart View app on their mobile device from the Google Play, App Store and also onto their Windows PC** by visiting Once installed, users can enjoy a range of Smart View features, including the ability to create playlists for music, video and photos, easily switch between these content types and instantly share content with any Samsung Smart TV on the same Wi-Fi network.




Currently, a survey is in progress at to collect consumers’ feedback on the Smart View beta service.


For more information on the Samsung Smart TV lineup, Samsung Smart View application or upcoming announcements, visit the official website at and Samsung Newsroom at


*List of Supported Devices


Samsung Smart TV


2011 LED D7000 and above, PDP D8000 and above.
2012 LED ES7500 and above, PDP E8000 and above.
2013 LED F4500 and above (except F9000 and above), PDP F5500 and above.
2014 H4500, H5500 and above (except H6003/H6103/H6153/H6201/H6203).
2015 J4500, J5500 and above (except J6203).
Please note supported TV models may vary by region.




Android OS 4.1 and above.
iOS 7.0 and above
Please refer to the app description in your preferred app store for a list of supported devices and models.



OS Windows 7, 8, 8.1 (32/64 bit supported)
CPU Intel Pentium 1.8GHz processor or above (Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz higher recommended)
RAM 2GB (recommended)
VGA 1024 x 768, 32bit or above


**Please note the availability of the Smart View software for Windows PCs may vary by country

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