Note to the Galaxy from Erdil Yaşaroğlu Breaks World Record

on January 25, 2012
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Erdil Yasaroglu, the premier cartoonist of Turkey, had an idea.  After receiving so many messages from outer-space through crop circles and UFOs, why shouldn’t we send them a note as well?  So began the “Note for the Galaxy!” project.



The result was the largest single panel cartoon ever created, a Guinness Book world record!  Using the GALAXY Note in every step of the process, Yasaroglu was able to carry out the project in the 28th of December.  The project became a sensation in Turkey with major news channels like CNBC and CNN and dozens of newspapers covering the event.



Below you can watch the project unfold with Yasaroglu utilizing the GALAXY Note, a helicopter and a really tall industrial ladder.  Not only did “Note for the Galaxy!” break a world record, it will also transform the project site into a park, planting a tree for every 10 YouTube shares.



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