How They Defined the Designs of Samsung NX Cameras

on May 15, 2012
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On April 25th, Samsung Electronics hosted the Samsung Smart Camera NX Series Media Day at its head office in Seocho, Seoul, revealing the 2012 line including the NX20, NX210, NX1000 and such.


From Imaging Business Design Group, Senior Engineer Inshik Kim and Head Designer Yamauchi Kenji shared the design stories of the three NX models in more detail.


Q. Would you briefly introduce yourselves?


Kim Hi, my name is Inshik Kim and I was the PL (Project Leader) for the design of this NX Series.


Kenji I’m Yamauchi Kenji of Digital Imaging Business Department Design Group, and my main duty was to design the mass-production model in this NX Series project.



NX20 – the Essence of Professionalism, Tradition, and the Character of Samsung



Q. Tell us about the main design concept of the NX Series.


Kim The NX Series, unlike DSLR cameras, are mirrorless cameras that don’t have a mirror box. Thus it can capture a high-resolution image despite being small and light, which is a great advantage. The design of the NX Series will be continuously polished to have a clear identity unique to Samsung Camera.


Kenji The 3 models of NX Series revealed at this time contain two different DI (Design Identities). One is a style emphasizing compact mobility, and the other puts more weight on professionalism, like  DSLR cameras. NX1000 and NX210 feature the former DI, and NX20 the latter.



Q. What do you consider most important when working on a design? Tell us about the design philosophy of Samsung Cameras.


Kim Basically, an attractive exterior with convenient user experience is the basic of basics. Unlike home appliances like refrigerators or television sets, cameras are frequently handheld items. We always strive for a design that would leave a lasting impression and satisfaction for you. We aim for a design where you can find more fun the more you handle it.



Q. Tell us about the design characteristics per model in detail. What is the most stand-out characteristic of the NX20?


Kim The NX20 is most characteristic in its professionalism and traditionality. Being a successor to the NX10, the NX20 was developed to be a bold and evolved, not only in design but also in performance. It has the feel of functional and classic DSLR, yet shows off Samsung’s personality.



Kenji NX20 had a reinforced video functionality, so we thought what is more to be improved when taking videos from the user’s perspective. And one of the results of the thoughts was the Swivel Display that allows you to shoot videos from various angles. We expect this Swivel Display to enhance the fun factor when you take the NX20 around to shoot.



NX1000 – Promoting a Simple, Modern and Sensuous Design


Q. NX1000 is most distinct in its colors. Tell us about the characteristics of NX1000 that separates it from other NX models.


Kim NX1000 is the little brother of the NX Series. NX20 and NX210 are for those that want to take more professional photographs while NX1000 is a product for ‘sensuous’ users.


On top of the basic black and white, we are releasing the pink color together at this time. Coloring the camera body and lens with a sense of unity and emphasizing such attributes a sensuous and friendly image that’s more fun rather than the traditional mechanical approach.


Kenji Not only in color, but we also put a lot of thought in the overall shape. To introduce an exterior distinguished from NX200, which was released last September, there was a change in material as well. Compared to NX200, which has a metal body, this is much warmer and smoother.




Q. Finally, could we have a word for the fans of Samsung Smart Camera?

Kim As we were preparing this lineup, we had an extensive amount of research and preparation to provide users with a more advanced design. We are looking forward to hearing feedback, both positive and negative, from you as you actually get to see them. Hopefully, they’ll be more positive. And we also hope you like the small, cute NX1000.



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