On Its One-year Anniversary, Samsung KX Stands as a Landmark for Young Generations

on September 7, 2020
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Samsung KX, a brand experience space at King’s Cross in London, has marked its first anniversary following its grand opening in September of last year. Ever since, the message the space has sent has been simple, but distinct: this is not a shop. At Samsung KX, the consumers, not the products, are the focal point, with a broad range of interactive experiences available. With digital exhibitions of art school graduate projects displayed on Samsung TVs, hands-ons with home appliances in shared kitchen spaces and a stage for hosting panel events, workshops and performances, Samsung KX offers access to a whole new world of cultural experiences powered by Samsung innovation.


Visitors to Samsung KX attend a lecture at the space (November, 2019)



Proving Adaptable While Cultivating Connections

Amid the recent circumstances brought about by the global pandemic, Samsung KX has adapted, shifting from being solely a physical space to also providing a virtual destination, while still fostering genuine connections among users. During this time, Samsung KX has been prioritizing running programs in collaboration with locally-based groups, ensuring that it truly becomes one with the local community.


The most notable example of this has been the graduate exhibition that the space hosted for world-renowned arts and design college, Central Saint Martins. The University of the Arts London’s (UAL’s) Central Saint Martins campus is located in the King’s Cross area, just a short distance from Samsung KX. For the event, Samsung created an online content hub to showcase the students’ graduate projects, with approximately 50 pieces of content being published online. In addition, Samsung KX worked with partners to produce additional content including yoga videos that utilize Samsung’s wearable devices and themed collections from the British Museum, prompting differing kinds of virtual engagement from users.


Samsung KX’s online content hub


Samsung’s London showcase space is additionally utilized for podcast recordings and as a location for video production. It continues to provide a multi-purpose space capable of hosting a broad range of cultural activities, in addition to hands-on product experiences.



And Samsung KX is continuing to offer support for Samsung users in the period of social distancing as well. For users in need of support who are unable to visit Samsung KX’s physical site, reservations for virtual appointments with Samsung staff members are available. Visitors to the website are additionally able to connect with Samsung representatives via video call.


A Samsung staff member provides technical support via video chat



Built on Heritage – Encouraging for the Future

Last September, Samsung KX opened its doors in King’s Cross, North London. The large-scale urban regeneration of King’s Cross has led to the area attracting young artists and designers from diverse backgrounds, with more than 60 percent of visitors to Samsung KX being members of the Millennial and Gen Z age groups.


The design of Samsung KX was modeled on the ‘London loft’ aesthetic. This historic style derives from a time when artists and designers had to create their artworks in places that were cheap to rent, such as empty factories and warehouses. The distinct aesthetic was decided upon for Samsung’s showcase because it symbolizes the integration that comes from regeneration, as well as the unique culture of London. The X shape on the floor at the ‘kissing point’ where the two halves of the venue meet stands for Samsung KX and indicates the point at which Samsung’s innovation and the culture of London meet. The design’s success in reflecting elements unique to the local culture was recognized when Samsung KX won awards in the Retail Design and Retail Identity categories of the world-renowned Red Dot Design Award competition.


The design and construction of Samsung KX also helped in highlighting the importance of sustainable urban regeneration. As a result, Samsung KX received a grade of ‘Excellent’ from globally recognized sustainable building certifier, Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM). BREEAM conducts a comprehensive assessment that evaluates factors such as efficiency in building processes, energy use, use of eco-friendly materials, waste reduction, and pollution prevention and control, and only awards Excellent grades to those who score in the top 10% of those evaluated.


Inside Samsung KX


Galaxy Graffiti, a hands-on experience program at Samsung KX, has become popular after exposing visitors to a fun expression of the UK’s urban culture. The digital installment won an award in the Immersive Experience category of the One Show, which is one of the world’s most-prestigious advertising awards shows.


Visitors go hands-on with ‘Galaxy Graffiti’


Samsung KX helps people experience new products and fresh lifestyles while expanding their connections. Now that the showcase space has celebrated its first anniversary, all eyes are on Samsung KX as the innovative space continues to evolve and expose people to new and exciting experiences.

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