On the Dining Table, Where Friendship Knows No Boundaries

on June 30, 2011
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Interview with Principle Engineer Michael B. Choi, Senior Engineer Yong-Sang You, Engineer Kyung-Jun Moon and Engineer Maruthamuthu Muthuveeran (aka “Muthu”) from the MSC Design Team at Giheung Campus.



The word ‘Global’ itself is not new to us. However it is not always easy for us to understand co-workers from different cultures. This is a story of Muthu, who is from India and works for Samsung in Korea, when he invited us over for dinner. He and his Korean colleagues went out for some Indian food and talked about his efforts in Korea.

Sharing a little piece of home with colleagues


It was back when the spring breeze blew softly. Muthu and his co-workers Michael, Yong-Sang and Kyung-Jun visited ‘Chakra’, an Indian restaurant. This was a special dinner for Muthu who was from India but had stayed in Korea for so long. Exotic music and the unique scent of Indian spice welcomed the group as they entered the restaurant.


“We’ve thought about going to an Indian restaurant together. However, it was hard to gather everyone around. But at last, we finally got a chance to enjoy Indian food and get to know each other better.“ Michael smiled. “It has been almost 5 years since I had Indian food.”


Muthu replied, “I have been here several times but it is more enjoyable to be here with my friends.”



Overcoming differences to pursue one goal


Muthu came to Korea about 4 years ago. As soon as he graduated from university, he entered Samsung to start his career in Korea.


“I was unfamiliar with everything: language, daily life, work and culture. However, I had mentors who helped me to get used to life in Korea. After I got assigned to my division, seniors took care of me on getting used to work as well as my personal life. That is how I got used to being here.”


Yong-Sang replied, “He’s good with Soju(Korean hard liquor). He is practically Korean now.” and everyone laughed.


“Muthu, what is this?”


“Ah, this is called ‘Samosa’. It’s an Indian dumpling.”


Everyone’s eyes and mouths got busy with the scent from Indian spice and food. Muthu was surprised to see everyone else enjoy Tandoori chicken, Curry and Nan. The Korea co-workers got to know the food better, which to them was unfamiliar but tasty.



“Muthu is good with Korean food and culture, which can be tough for foreign people. He doesn’t eat pork so we order chicken for him instead whenever we hang out.” Kyung-Jun said with a bright smile, “It’s interesting to see things from the other side.”



Beautiful friendship


Michael told us that the four of them care about each other’s family events and invite each other over for holidays. He then stated, “Our community spirit for Samsung brings us together.”


“Muthu is passionate and loving towards what he does and he works really hard for it. He requested his working spot to be next to mine to learn more from me. We enjoy the hard work because we want and dream the same thing.”




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