One Obvious Feature of Galaxy K zoom that Makes You Better at Vine

on July 1, 2014
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We’re guessing that by now, you are not here to find out what Vine is; instead, you are here to find out how you can be better at Vine-ing. So we will skip on the general facts and how fun Vine is and skip right into what you came here for. Here is the one obvious feature of Galaxy K zoom that makes you better at Vine is the zoom feature.


The 10x optical zoom and OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer) feature of the Galaxy K zoom allows you to record videos far away from the subject/scene. This is important for all the Viners, because many good Vine clips seem to capture the “spur of the moment” video. The zoom-in feature gives you more freedom and options in terms of the things you can record. The way you use it is simple.


Although you can zoom-in while you record a video, since Vine only allows videos to be 6 seconds, we recommend you to zoom-in to the subject/scene first then record it. Now there are (at least) two ways you can zoom-in to the subject.


First, you can use the ‘zoom’ gauge that is indicated on the screen to control how much you want to zoom-in. Once you set how much you want to zoom-in, Galaxy K zoom will automatically zoom-in accordingly.


Vine Video


Of course you can also use the +/- volume rocker to gradually zoom in and out. Tip: this comes in handy when you don’t want to ‘jump’ into a certain zoom or when you need to see the screen you’re filming.


Second, you can use the bar (volume rocker) on the right side of the body of the Galaxy K zoom. If you press up, it will zoom in and it will zoom out if you press down, just like how you control the volume on your smartphone.


zoom in and out using the bar


Once you zoom-in to the subject, tap the ‘focus’ icon in the middle of the option section. Tap on the subject you want to focus and un-tap the icon. Then all you have to do is the tap on to the screen to record the video.


using the bar to zoom in and out and focus


Tip: You can also use the shutter button on the lower right side of the phone (or top right if you’re holding it in landscape like a regular camera) to start recording. It tends to give you a smoother smart then a screen tap that can shake your camera. You can maintain visual on the whole screen the whole time as well – a choice you have on the Galaxy K zoom that doesn’t come in all phones.


That’s it! You’ve already created an awesome Vine clip. Now just process the video, add hashtags and some comments, and upload it to your Vine account.


Now let’s compare two videos: normal one and zoomed-in one. As you can see, you don’t need to sacrifice the quality of the video to record something zoomed-in, thanks to the 10x optical zoom and OIS of the Galaxy K zoom.


using the bar to zoom in and out (2)


So what do you think? It is pretty simple to use, right? Although, it is an easy process, we recommend you practice once or twice to get it right. Because, you know, practice makes perfect. Once you did, all you have to wait for is to become the next big Vine superstar… Ok, ok, while that might not happen, at least the range and quality of your Vine videos will improve! And a couple (or couple hundred) extra likes might just make your day.    

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