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on September 20, 2015
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Imagination and self-expression are key parts of our lives, challenging us and giving us fulfillment. This is a major reason that artists everywhere—both professional and aspiring—have flocked to large-screen devices that use Samsung’s unique S Pen, like the Galaxy Note5 and Galaxy Tab S2: these devices have opened new worlds of possibilities for creativity and communication. The signature S Pen in particular has proven to be a versatile and inventive tool for clearly and precisely expressing ideas.


But people want more than just self-expression; they also need to share their ideas with others. After all, what’s an artwork without a gallery to display it? Fortunately for Galaxy users, there’s an app that not only helps to make art on their mobile devices, it also helps them connect and share—PEN.UP, a social media application for the artist in all of us.


Getting Started


PEN.UP provides a wide range of tools to help curate, tag and share your creations, as well as tools to help you create better. Also, it is a snap to sign up for, and you can even register using your favorite social media account. Check it out for an introduction on how you can get started:



Watch Artists in Action


In addition to being a tool for sharing art, PEN.UP is compatible with several popular art apps for creating new works. The Korean artist known as MongPic here gives a couple of lessons on how to use Infinite Painter, one of those integrated apps. The first shows how to paint someone’s portrait on a tablet in a style that looks like oil painting. It’s amazing to see how, starting from just a few simple strokes, he builds up and refines the image until it becomes a moody and evocative artwork. In the second, MongPic provides tips on how to make a landscape painting.








Another artist who works with the S Pen is Min-soo Kim, who is also known as miyune. Using SketchBook (another PEN.UP-compatible app) on a tablet, Kim takes real-world objects for inspiration, turning them into playful and fanciful creations. Here he is turning a piece of machinery into a cute robot.







Here, the artists Junseong Park and Jaeseong Seo talk about how to make a fun animal cartoon with plenty of textures and details to give the drawing a richness that really draws in the viewer. And when they are finished, they show how to upload the image to PEN.UP for everyone to see. (Why animals from the North Pole and South Pole are cavorting together is left to the viewer’s imagination).







In this tutorial, the artist known as bbbbbun shows how to draw onto a photograph, combining the realistic and the fantastical with the ArtFlow app. The end result is amazingly detailed, but surprisingly easy to learn. Plus she shows how easy it is to add your final artwork to PEN.UP once you’re finished.







Here’s John, a PEN.UP manager, also explaining how to use the ArtFlow app. He also gives a lot of tips about sharing your art and setting up galleries.







As these many examples show, PEN.UP is a great way for people to use the S Pen to share their creativity. Whether for the Galaxy Note5 or the Galaxy Tab S2, there’s a device that is suited for each person’s inner artist. It’s just one more example of the customer-centered approach Samsung always focuses on, empowering users to connect and express themselves in the way that’s just right for them.

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