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on September 28, 2015
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As described in our previous article, the PEN.UP app helps artists everywhere—both professional and aspiring—connect and share their creations with the world. It’s an easy and versatile app that provides a wide range of tools to help curate, tag and share your artworks, and it especially works well with Samsung’s S Pen and large-screen devices like the Galaxy Note5 and Galaxy Tab S2.


Now let’s take a look at PEN.UP in action, seeing how real people around the world have used the artistic app to rich their lives and the lives of those around them.


Finding Friends to Turn Around a Bad Day


For the PEN.UP user who goes by the name “CandikaneBlack,” the sharing part of the app helped get her through a tough time. She was having a sad birthday, so drew a cartoon of how she was feeling, then asked people in her PEN.UP network to add themselves to her picture. The results were overwhelming. Dozens of people from all over the world joined in, adding images of themselves encouraging, playing with and sharing joy with CandikaneBlack, turning a sad day into one of happiness and warmth.



Drawing Around the World


PEN.UP has been attending various events by Urban Sketchers, a nonprofit dedicated to encouraging people everywhere to draw the world around them. As a sponsor, PEN.UP has joined in Urban Sketcher events in Paraty, Brazil, and Singapore, showing how aspiring artists can use the S Pen and Samsung devices to capture the landscape with drawings, and then share their art with everyone.






PEN.UP also attends book and events, offering lectures and lessons on how artists, publishers and others can use PEN.UP to open new opportunities professionally. Here, PEN.UP comes to the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, in Bologna, Italy, and the Mobile Digital Art Summit in Palo Alto, California.




You’re Never Too Old to Learn New Things


In Korea, 70-year-old Ik-soo Son had never studied art, but after he taught himself how to draw using his smart phone, he became a minor celebrity, inspiring many with his story. These days, Mr. Son enjoys showing others how to make art using tablets and smartphones, just as he has done.



And You’re Never Too Young


The popular Korean artist Min-soo Kim (commonly known as miyune) also likes to show people how to make art using their tablets and other devices. PEN.UP and compatible apps are so intuitive using the S Pen to make art, even children can enjoy these apps quickly and easily. In this video, Kim teaches schoolchildren how to make robots, monsters and other cool creatures using the Sketchbook Pro app. After just a short introduction, soon these kids are making weird and wonderful cartoons, anything their imaginations can think of.





Whether using a Galaxy Note5 or a Tab S2, PEN.UP is a great way for people all over the world to use the S Pen to share their creativity. After all, what’s an artwork without a gallery? Thanks to PEN.UP, everyone now has access to an international gallery, all day, every day. This is just one more example of the customer-centered approach Samsung Electronics always focuses on, empowering users to connect and express themselves in the way that’s just right for them.

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