[Photo Essay] Celebrating Spring at Samsung’s Semiconductor Manufacturing Sites

on June 4, 2018
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Spring has sprung, with summer fast approaching, and just like countless others across the Northern Hemisphere, the employees at Samsung Electronics’ semiconductor manufacturing sites have spent the last several weeks enjoying the terrific weather that comes with the season.


To help make this spring extra special, the centers, known for their strict protocols and security, organized their first official photo contest. Held from April 6 to May 3, the contest offered employees across four Samsung semiconductor campuses a chance to soak in the sun, admire blooming cherry blossoms, and share snapshots of the beauty that surrounds them every day.


Take a look at some of the contest’s standout submissions below.


“Canola Flowers, Pinwheels and Onyang” by Myeong-ho Lee


Budding flowers are a sure sign that spring has finally come. Viewers of this vibrant image of canola flowers and pinwheels may be surprised to learn that it was snapped not on Korea’s picturesque Jeju Island, but at Samsung’s Onyang Campus.


“Symphony of Spring” by Dae-young Kim


Dae-young Kim’s photograph, captured while strolling around the Hwaseong Campus at lunchtime, depicts rows of beautiful tulips lining a tranquil stream in front of the campus’s cafeteria.


“Cherry Blossom Road” by Sang-hun Kim


For Sang-hun Kim, the contest offered an excellent opportunity to enjoy the spring weather with colleagues. One day, when crossing the cherry blossom tree-lined road that leads to the Onyang Campus’s dormitory, Kim was reminded of the iconic cover of the Beatles’ “Abbey Road” album.


Inspired, Kim returned to the crosswalk with his colleagues to snap a fun, Abbey Road-esque photo. His usual route to work had instantly transformed into a scenic setting for an unforgettable shot.


“Spring, Colorful Pinwheels, and Us” by Sang-hun Kim


Elsewhere on the Onyang Campus, colleagues pose for a playful photo amongst pinwheels spinning in the warm spring breeze.


“Smiles in Spring” by Young-ho Shin


Employees at the Onyang Campus are all smiles as they pause for a photo beneath blooming cherry blossoms. As you can see from their beaming smiles, the team is enjoying the relaxing time together.


“Let’s Run Together” by Youngjong Yoon


Each spring, the Giheung and Hwaseong Campuses organize their annual employee fun run, the Spring Race for Love. Proceeds from the race go toward efforts to enrich the campuses’ respective communities. A Giheung Campus employee Youngjong Yoon captured this candid shot of race participants using his camera.


“Beautiful R&D Center” by Il-jin Shin


For Il-jin Shin, the all-glass exterior of the Onyang Campus’s R&D Center proved the perfect canvas for capturing the beauty of a bright spring sky.


“Building Flowers” by Il-jin Shin


Here we have another submission from Il-jin Shin, taken in front of the Onyang Campus’s TP Center. The bright pastel colors adorning Buildings 1, 2 and 3 reminded Shin of spring flowers in bloom.


“Night View of MR 1 Building at Hwaseong Campus” by Hyeon-gang Heo


The photo contest showcased the unique and creative perspectives of Samsung employees.


Light trails created by car and bus headlights symbolize the dynamic nature of Samsung’s semiconductor business. It took Hyeon-gang Heo quite a bit of time to find the perfect moment to take the photo. However, as he notes, the end result was well worth the wait.


“Line 17 at Night” by Dong-jin Lim


Lastly, we have the contest’s grand prize-winning entry, captured by Dong-jin Lim at the Hwaseong Campus. The image depicts two employees as they head back to work at the Line 17 building – the campus’s latest production facility.


The summer heat may be on its way, but the talented individuals at Samsung’s semiconductor manufacturing sites will continue to greet each day with the zeal of spring, and do their part to help usher in a brighter future.

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