[Photo] Samsung’s ‘Newfound Equilibrium’ Exhibition Gives a Preview of the Future at Milan Design Week 2024

on April 17, 2024
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On April 16 (local time) at Milan Design Week 2024, Samsung Electronics launched the <Newfound Equilibrium> exhibition — designed to give visitors a glimpse of a better tomorrow envisioned by Samsung Design until April 21. Inspired by Samsung’s Design Identity 5.0: Essential・Innovative・Harmonious, the exhibition unearthed a world of infinite possibilities and presented a digital realm in which humans and technology exist in harmony.


Samsung Newsroom explored the vivid and immersive exhibition site where present meets future and reality meets hyperreality.



▲ Showcasing Samsung Design’s vision of a better future, the <Newfound Equilibrium> exhibition opened on April 16 at Milan Design Week 2024.



Hosted at Le Cavallerizze inside the Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology, the exhibition utilized a grand and intimate space that combines the feel of 16th-century stables with that of modern architecture. Sunlight poured in through arched windows to illuminate high ceilings, roughly textured walls and rows of rooms uniform in size.


▲ View of the Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, Italy, where Samsung Design’s <Newfound Equilibrium> exhibition is being held.



Upon entering the first exhibition space <Essential>, guests encountered five translucent cubes in which irregular forms of light appeared to freely float through space. Synchronized to accompanying music, the movement within the cubes symbolized the timeless, fundamental values of happiness, love and peace.



▲ <Essential>, the first exhibition space of Samsung Design’s <Newfound Equilibrium>



The lights from <Essential> eventually transitioned into a large 98-inch display in <Innovative>, the second exhibition space. Using motion sensors, the lights changed to appear with increasing clarity as viewers moved closer toward the screen and blurred and faded when they stepped away. From solid textures to soft, ethereal ones, the various forms took on new lives as they interacted with the audience — navigating from front to back across the six displays installed and representing the emerging contours of a hopeful future.


▲ A display shown at <Innovative>, the second exhibition space of Samsung Design’s <Newfound Equilibrium>, shows forms shifting from solid to ethereal textures as guests approach and move away.



▲ <Innovative>, the second exhibition space of Samsung Design’s <Newfound Equilibrium>



Beyond the windows of the previous section, strange forms moved across large LED displays in <Harmonious>, the third exhibition space. These shapes knocked on windows and created shadows, drawing in curious passersby.


Here, the audience existed partly in reality and partly in a fragment of hyperreality — finding themselves transported to a future where humanity and technology effortlessly coexist. Transcending visual spectacle, this section invited guests to feel and experience the possibilities of a harmonious future.




▲ <Harmonious>, the third exhibition space of Samsung Design’s <Newfound Equilibrium>



Enticed by the gleaming lights in the fourth exhibition space, visitors stepped into <Infinite Dream>. Arranged in a semi-circular space and punctuated by a large projection, four different-sized displays and mirrors, guests were immersed in a vast, surreal landscape unfolding before them.


In this new dimension, attendees experienced all the aspects of <Newfound Equilibrium> come together to form an ideal balance of humanity and technology — where curious forms dance on the water and continue to shine even as the sun fades. An axis between two different worlds, <Infinite Dream> represented Samsung Design’s vision of what could be possible when the boundaries between the physical and the virtual collapse.




▲ <Infinite Dream>, the fourth exhibition space of Samsung Design’s <Newfound Equilibrium>



Finally, guests returned to the real world in <New Dawning>, the final exhibition space. Visitors met giant totems of Bespoke products, a collaboration with the artisanship of ceramic masters MUTINA and wood veneer wizard ALPI. Through <Newfound Equilibrium>, the Samsung Design philosophy brought the intersection between people and their technology to life — marrying modern aesthetics and traditional craftsmanship and letting audiences experience the world of today and tomorrow simultaneously.




▲ Bespoke products fusing modern technology and traditional artistry on display at <New Dawning>, the final exhibition space of Samsung Design’s <Newfound Equilibrium>

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