Please Stamp my smartphone: Samsung Wallet Stamp

on November 3, 2014
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How many Stamp Cards (Loyalty Cards) do you have in your wallet? Stamp Cards are common in cafes or restaurants as a reward for customer loyalty. However, in paper or plastic form, it’s easy for customers to lose them and it can be quite a hassle to keep and carry them in your wallet.



Stamp Cards turned into Digital


As smart devices have been integrating essential functions of daily life, the electronic wallet service has appeared and has been used widely. Downloaded by over two million people, Samsung Wallet provides users with diverse services including purchasing tickets, using coupons, and enjoying memberships or events.


Samsung Wallet


Recently, Samsung added Stamp Cards service to the Samsung Wallet. If you are Galaxy smartphone users, go to ‘Samsung Galaxy apps’ or ‘Google Play’ and download ‘Samsung Wallet’. Sign in with your Samsung account, and you can start enjoying all it has to offer including ‘Stamp cards‘.


Samsung Wallet Stamp


If the store is Samsung Wallet affiliate, show your smartphone with Smart Wallet app opened to the clerk before payment. As s/he stamps on the screen, the Stamp Card will be created automatically.



Electronic Stamp and Multi-touch technology

Samsung Wallet Stamp and Multi-Touch technology


This electronic stamp has five contact points on the bottom. Thanks to the multi-touch technology, it creates about 200,000 different electronic patterns according to the pattern values. And according to the order of the electronic patterns, billions of different electronic stamps can be generated. Therefore, the stamp patterns can be classified and perceived by brand and store.


By combining the analog experience of ‘stamping a card’ with digital experience using a mobile technology, the Samsung Wallet Stamp satisfies both of customers and store-owners. Customers don’t have to carry stamp cards but can still enjoy using electronic stamps. Store-owners can have database of customers’ preferences – frequently visited time and purchased products – and easily manage them.



Samsung Wallet Stamp - Commerce Service Group, Media Solution Center of Samsung Electronics


The employees who developed the Samsung Wallet Stamp service (Commerce Service Group, Media Solution Center of Samsung Electronics) said they visited twenty to thirty stores a day to promote this service before launching. Because they believed the usefulness and uniqueness of this service, they tried to meet with as many store-owners as they could. And thanks to their efforts, various events with Samsung Wallet Stamp are already being held successfully in South Korea. In a competitive mobile payment market, Samsung is trying to provide unique values to customers with innovative technology and in-depth consumer understandings.



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