POWERbot: A Powerful Robot to Help With Your Chores

on June 4, 2015
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Technology has been shaping the lives of consumers for centuries. The true value of technology is realized when it improves quality of life. Samsung is driven by the desire to use both technology and design to make life easier. This mission is clear within all divisions of Samsung, including home appliances.


The first manual predecessor of the modern vacuum arrived on the market in the late 19th century. In 1901, the first motorized vacuum was introduced. These models were very bulky and difficult to use. As vacuum cleaners evolved, technology made it possible for new models to become smaller and more powerful. Today, Samsung offers a variety of vacuums from bagged and bag-less canisters to drum vacuums to the latest in vacuum technology and design, the robot vacuum.


In the early 1990s, Samsung introduced its first robot cleaner. The Crubo, which was introduced in 2003 in Korea, came with a built-in webcam and an ionizer to purify the air. With the release of its newest robot vacuum cleaner, the POWERbot VR9000, Samsung continues to revolutionize robot vacuum technology.




Automated Cleaning with Power


The POWERbot VR9000 is a powerful cleaning device that delivers automated floor and carpet cleaning. With advanced technologies, the time-consuming and physically-demanding chore of vacuuming is now convenient and easy.




Let’s take a look at seven key benefits of the POWERbot VR9000:


1. The POWERbot uses unique Digital Inverter Technology to create suction power up to 60 times greater than conventional robot vacuums. With an enlarged drum brush, it eliminates the need for side brushes covering a wider area. Without the side brushes, POWERbot is less likely to become tangled in wires and carpet fabrics.


2. An upgraded high-performance scanning system comprehensively evaluates the room, locating even narrow and small obstacles across a wide area. The FullView Sensor™ captures more blind spots and navigates smoothly for thorough and efficient cleaning. This smart technology allows POWERbot to avoid areas where it might get stuck, so it keeps cleaning.


3. CycloneForce technology reduces the chance of clogged filters to ensure high performance lasts longer. A strong centrifugal force circulates dust through the inner chamber. Dirt and other debris are then separated into the outer chamber. This CycloneForce, which separates air and solid particles, keeps the filter cleaner longer, with less clogging.


4. The 311mm Wide Brush covers more area with less movement in less time. The brush is about 107mm larger than conventional brushes, speeding up the floor cleaning process.


5. POWERbot features Point Cleaning™ function, allowing users to direct the vacuum. Using the remote’s red light beam, POWERbot will follow and clean the desired spot. This eliminates any inconvenience of physically moving the vacuum to clean dirtier areas that need more attention.


6. The introduction of Easy Pass™ wheels improves movement. With a wheel diameter of 105mm and a body raised 15mm off the floor, the POWERbot can easily overcome obstacles in its way. It can easily navigate over wires, rugs and door frames.


7. Visionary Mapping Plus System uses high-performance computing technology and an onboard digital camera to create a complete map of the users’ homes to calculate the most efficient path for fast cleaning. It also finds the docking station for recharging its battery.




Design That Makes Life Easy


The POWERbot VR9000 is sophisticated and sleek and has an easy-to-use control panel. Its innovative design offers superior cleaning and unique technology. The T brush cleans thoroughly from corner to corner. The transparent bin makes it easier to prevent clogging. The POWERbot features seven cleaning modes, scheduling options and sensor functions. The smart technology of POWERbot includes auto-charging. It will find its docking station when the battery is low, and return to its last location to resume cleaning when fully charged. Virtual Guard™ restricts any areas that should not be disturbed.


The advanced technologies behind Samsung POWERbot VR9000 are helping consumers find more ways to simplify and ease daily life. Eliminating physical hardships of previously large and bulky vacuums, and making it possible to clean while away from the home are just a couple ways Samsung is using advanced technology for improving lives.


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