Professional-Football-Player-Turned-Social-Media-Icon Cream E. Biggums Discusses How He’s Using Galaxy Tab S6 to Chronicle His Journey to Basketball Stardom

on November 15, 2019
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Samsung provides creators, thinkers and doers with the tools they need to do more and be more, and nowhere is that clearer than with the Galaxy Tab S6. To show off exactly what this powerful tablet has to offer, Samsung partnered with former professional football player – and current social media phenomenon – Spice Adams.



For years, football fans knew Adams for his skills on the field, but now, fans know him for his alter ego: Cream E. Biggums, a man on a journey to make it as a professional basketball player. To help Cream grab the attention of professional basketball scouts, Samsung paired him up with its ultra-slim 2-in-1 tablet, the Galaxy Tab S6, to help him take his character – and game – to the next level.


Through the course of an intimate Q&A, Cream outlined his daily routine, his future, and why the Galaxy Tab S6 is the perfect tool for creating engaging and entertaining content for his millions of followers. Read on to learn more about Cream’s pivot to basketball stardom, and don’t forget to check out the latest video on his YouTube channel.




What’s a day in the life of Cream E. Biggums look like?


Cream E. Biggums: Like any elite athlete, I start the day by downing seven raw eggs as I watch the sun rise. After that, I hit the gym and knock out some standard drills – shooting 6,000 consecutive free throws, grinding out two straight hours of high-knees, and then completing anywhere between five and seven sit-ups. Around noon, once I’ve finished rehearsing my draft speech, I head back to the film lab to crank out the content that the fans crave.



How important is your technology to you?


Cream E. Biggums: I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. All the attention I’ve gotten –from fans, the general public, rival players – is thanks to my adept use of technology. My social media strategy is on point. Plus, I need video to watch myself over and over again. To put it simply, because I’m the best, I expect my technology to be the best, too.



What would you say you like the most about the Galaxy Tab S6?


Cream E. Biggums: The Galaxy Tab S6 has become one of the most important members of the Cream E. Biggums team. With a plethora and barrage of features, I’ve used it to replace my video guy, my data guy, and my social media guy. I don’t need them anymore, because the Galaxy Tab S6 lets me connect, create, experience, and share – all in one place.


More specifically, it’s all about the S Pen. I’ve made a lot of hoop mixtapes in my time, but these ones outshine all the rest. The S Pen lets me diagram plays in real-time, add emphasis exactly where I want it, and so much more. When the scouts see what I’ve been cooking up, all eyes are going to be on my one-of-a-kind form, and that’s entirely thanks to my amazing technique and the amazing S Pen.


Also, I’m loving that Super AMOLED display – man! It’s the only thing that can make my crossover look as clean on screen as it does in person. And the camera is crystal clear, which means that wherever I go, my followers can go too.




What’s next for Cream E. Biggums?


Cream E. Biggums: Besides a record-breaking contract? Probably a manicure – you gotta look good to play good.




Source: US Newsroom

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