Ready to multitask? Fast and flexible working with the Galaxy Note 4

on September 11, 2014
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For a smartphone to be truly smart, Samsung believes it has to work for the users in all situations and offer solutions to the problems they face at home and at work.

Samsung has already made great progress with security developments like Samsung KNOX™ that offers the enterprise a means to blend work and home devices into a single phone with the confidence that the security needed is in place.

Now, with the Galaxy Note 4, Samsung has renewed its focus on the user experience and created a device that helps users work and play smarter.

Samsung knows that if the mobile is going to work efficiently at users’ workplace, the devices being asked to do the job can’t just be designed for fun; they must also be able to cope with users’ work tasks without compromise.

With Galaxy Note 4, Samsung has managed to lower power consumption so users get more processing power without watching the battery level sink like a stone.  That, coupled with a fast charging function that will restore a battery to half its capacity in a mere 30 minutes means the user’s phone spends more time ready for action and less time connected to a plug socket.

This is quite an achievement considering the QUAD HD super AMOLED display provides the sharpest and most detailed images of any Samsung phone.

Combining this with a 16 mega pixel camera with Smart optical image stabilization, the Note 4 is a great device for taking on fieldwork when quality, detailed images are needed. Architects, for example, can survey progress on a project or scientists can share discoveries in the field with colleagues back at the laboratory. With Ultra HD video capabilities and added microphones, it delivers high quality recordings when users need to document a project or record a meeting with sound or moving images.

Samsung wants to make sure it offers users the tools that they need in a single mobile device to limit the need to switch from smartphone to tablet and laptop.

So note-taking tools are also improved and made more intuitive.

With the S-pen, users can unlock the full potential of a smartphone that eliminates the compromises being made in the absence of a mouse and a screen.  With double the sensitivity of previous incarnations, the S-Pen is like writing with a real pen, responsive to the way you write. Making notes, taking photographs, and viewing content are all simpler and more satisfying on the larger 5.7” screen. It is the smartphone that can do what your tablet does.

Samsung wants users to be able to work on their Note 4 as quickly, as precisely, and for as long as they can on their tablet or laptop and work in two open windows at once with Multi window. So users can read a report or watch a video clip and take notes at the same time with ease, selecting text and images and collating easily with the S-Pen.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is leading the way in mobile technology and we at Samsung Tomorrow believe that Samsung has found a way to provide security and reliability while providing a platform to enjoy the content users want. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a multi-tasking Smartphone that is up to the job.

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