Reasons You Didn’t Know You Needed a Camera with Wi-Fi: the NX series

on June 8, 2012
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Samsung’s NX trio of cameras was finally revealed on April 19thin China. Samsung launched its first compact system camera– the NX10 – back in 2010, and has steadily been adding to the range ever since. The newest members of the family are Samsung SMART Camera NX20, NX210 and NX1000.


We’ve already talked a bit on this blog about the three new NX cameras, but today we thought we’d delve a little deeper and explore one of the most unique features–Wi-Fi connectivity, which comes built-in on all three models. We sat down withYunho Lee, Director of the Product Planning Group at the Digital Imaging business to get some insider info on how the Wi-Fi makes this camera a truly SMART Camera.





A camera optimized for social media
Mr. Lee told us that the NX series Wi-Fi gives it an obvious edge.  “NX series have built-in Wi-Fi features, which I expect to give users a great social media experience,” he said.
Built-in Wi-Fi means that the NX series allows you to directly send your photos and video to a specified email address or upload them to social networking site s  such as Facebook, Picassa or Youtube. Mr. Lee went on, “When you see beautiful scenery and want to share with your friends, you can just do it! The NX series with this Wi-Fi feature stands out from other cameras.”
In Korea, free Wi-Fi is available in many places (even inside the subway) so the NX cameras will make uploading your photos so easy that you can do it practically anywhere, anytime. Also, since most smartphones can act as a Wi-Fi hotspot, you won’t necessarily have to find a public hotspot or wait until you get home to starting sharing photos.





Wi-Fi will also make storage and backup easier. One option is to upload your pictures/videos to store them on cloud service:Microsoft ‘SkyDrive’. This allows more space on your memory card.  If you’re worried about losing your photos, don’t be!  Another striking feature is the PC Auto Backup, which also allows you to automatically transfer and back-up photos directly to your home PC and categorize your pictures by date.



Amazing WiFi feature of NX trio
Another cool trick?The NX cameras also offer further options for capturing and displaying images via other devices, including the ability to link to a any smartphone and use as a remote viewfinder, and – with the Samsung Mobile Link function – to display images on devices such as tablets or Smart TV.


Oh another thing – how many times have you ended up notin your own picture because you’re the one taking it?  Or how about this – you’ve tried to take a photo of you and your friends, and gotten a great shot of your own arm?  Well, with NX camera, you can remotely click the shutter from your smartphone. Also it allows you to zoom in or zoom out. Isn’t it amazing?Mr. Lee says “Now you don’t have to snap the shutter and run to be in the picture!”



What does the future hold for digital cameras?
Mr. Lee told us”The Wi-Fi feature of Samsung NX series is the future of Samsung digital imaging business. Samsung will broaden its camera market by adding new features to it.”
Samsung Electronics has invested in cameras with built-in Wi-Fi since 2009. There are many competitors now. The market trend of compact camera is moving towards cameras with Wi-Fi feature.





Mr. Lee continued, “With the inclusion of built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, the customers can now share pictures and videos straight from their NX camera. This dedication to innovation will make Samsung a leader in the SMART Camera market.”


Some people believe that the need for compact digital cameras has decreased as smartphone cameras have become ‘good enough’ much of the time. However, NX series offers an easy-to-use user interface to attract smartphone users who want to buy a separate camera to capture higher quality pictures or deal more effectively with low-light or other situations.  And of course, the Samsung NX series provides high quality images just like DSLR cameras

We’re sure that the number of cameras with Wi-Fi will keep on increasing. The three new additions to the NX series mark an evolution in Samsung’s SMART Camera offering, demonstrating our understanding that digital imaging is about sharing the best moments with family and friends, and not only about taking great pictures.

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