Resonance: Samsung’s Design Exhibit at Fuorisalone 2019

on April 9, 2019
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Samsung Electronics is presenting the ‘Resonance’ exhibition at Milan Design Week 2019, which runs from April 9 to 14. At the exhibition, Samsung is pursuing the motto, ‘Be Bold. Resonate with Soul.’ The Samsung booth showcases a bold vision for design that will resonate with visitors.


The Resonance exhibition is composed of three zones: Empathy, Discovery, and Immersion. The artworks interact with visitors, taking their cues from everyday actions like breathing, talking and moving. These quite ordinary behaviors can transform the artworks in many different ways, allowing each guest to have their own unique experience.


Every moment of our lives, interactions between people and objects create countless chain reactions. Samsung’s exhibit captures the resonance between guests and artworks, while also exploring the future of design and Samsung’s mission to deliver true value to people.



Empathy Zone


Resonance begins with shared emotions. Visitors are greeted by a space that softly glows with a spectrum of colors, awakening their inner sentiments. From the very start of the exhibition, guests experience a space that resonates strongly with their individual senses.



Discovery Zone


Expansive installation art can set people on a path to discovery. The colorfully lit booth catches the eye and draws guests into the world within. Interactions between the artworks and the guests bond the two together, creating new art and new experiences. Samsung Sound Design draws upon the exhibition’s themes to capture the mood and enliven the environment.



1st Installation: Dandelion


Every breath we take is part of the rhythm of life. Embodying this idea, the first installation responds each time a visitor breathes in, creating shapes that grow and shrink in correlation with how deeply they breathe. New forms are created each moment as individual breaths blend with the breaths of other guests. The rhythm of each guest creates an individual work of art.


2nd Installation: Whirlwind


The voice is a powerful tool for self-expression and a strong statement of one’s own existence. In the darkened booth of the second installation, strings of light weave from side to side, creating new waves with new each sound. Guests can experiment with different volumes, proving their very existence as they project themselves into the darkness. Artwork and audience are further tied together with a mystical sound that unites all in a single experience.



3rd Installation: Aloft


When the senses are combined, the scope of experience widens. In the third installation, guests place their hands on a pressure sensor, prompting tens of thousands of balls to bounce. The artwork transforms the slightest gesture of the fingertips into a delightful game.



Immersion Zone


At the climactic moment of the exhibition, visitors can walk right through the next installations and experience complete immersion. The environment around them changes with their every movement, heightening the senses to create a deeper resonance.


4th Installation: Ripple


As a guest steps into the fourth installation, swaying ripples and waves of light guide them with a mystical sound. Their senses of sight and hearing are completely immersed within the world of the artwork, becoming one with the ripples they created. In a space where only their senses are awake, the visitor is drawn closer to the deep reverberation created by resonance.


5th Installation: Prism


In moments of deep immersion, visitors become one with the fifth installation, thus completing their journey. They are faced with themselves in a space filled with diverse colors, lights, and shadows. The sound of pebbles crunching underfoot, a magical atmosphere conjured up by a foggy mist and the soft movement of light all come together to flood their senses with the essence of the artwork. The many shades of the self are reflected by colorful lights that symbolize the origin of resonance, expressing Samsung’s human-centric Design Philosophy.



Upon completing their journey and coming to the end of the exhibition, guests can learn more about the history of Samsung over the past 50 years in the lounge area. Throughout that time, the company has strived to deliver meaningful experiences to consumers. At the heart of the ‘Resonance’ exhibition is Samsung’s deep desire to usher in a new tomorrow in design.

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