SADI Wins 7 Awards at the red dot Design Award

on October 5, 2011
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Does “red dot Design Award” ring a bell to you? If not, it should, so read on! It’s one of the three most renowned international design contests. The red dot Design Award is an international product design contest which started over 50 years ago in Germany. This year, with over 3,500 submissions from 49 countries, competition was fierce, giving the judging panel a lot of tough decisions.


SADI (Samsung Art & Design Institute) took a great honor this year at red dot Design Award 2011; 7 awards in the design concept category, adding to our already proud history!



87 Successes in 3 World Class Design Awards in Last 6 Years


SADI’s latest achievement just adds to its list of records, winning 57 red dot Design Awards since 2006. Additionally, SADI counts 87 successes in the world’s top three design competitions, including IF and IDEA. Let’s meet the illustrious winners and their works of red dot Design Award 2011.



2 Duo


Ahrim Son, Junior in the SADI – product design department – was awarded a prize based on her versatile concept camera design “2 DUO”, featuring dual lens and dual LCD technology. The design was also the winner of a silver medal in August 2011 at the Spark Awards International Design Competition.


Equipped with dual lenses and dual LCDs, the camera empowers you to simultaneously shoot both still and moving images of a subject and yourself. Even 3D moving images are possible with the dual lens technology.



SOS Stick


Amongst other things, this special walking stick catches attention. Jieon Kim, Sophomore in the SADI, has come up with the SOS Stick.  This versatile tool comes equipped with a signal flare, helping you out of sticky situations. In more remote areas where other tools might not work, the SOS stick will help you get spotted easily.

















Take a look at Opticane. This collaborative work, designed by Dongjun Shin and Minsun Kim, allows seniors with presbyopia to read fine print with the aid of a magnifying glass fitted into a walking stick.











Hyunsoo Song has a linkable USB flash drive named Amoeba. With Amoeba you can sort your files into separate categories, keep those files on separate USB drives, and conveniently link them together for a no-fuss portable office!















Roll Cup



Can a paper cup be torn off just like a roll of toilet paper? Jaebin Lee’s Roll Cup enables you to rip a piece of paper off the roll and voila! It’s your single-use drink cup.



The biggest worry about packing for a day’s outing is the size and weight of your bag, right? With Roll Cup in it, you can be assured that you are able to carry about as many of them as you want. It’s thin, light and less likely to be crumpled or broken. Isn’t it super practical and convenient?






Here’s another nifty idea from Minhu Cho, Junior in the SADI – product design department. When rainwater reaches a certain level, it sets the traffic lane regulating poles afloat, floating in water like a buoy. With safety and convenience in mind, this idea lets the driver navigate wet and snowy roads with precision and ease.




Even when it’s not raining, you can manually pull out the pole to use it for control of traffic flows, installing a switchable lane on the spot. This smart design puts safety first!



Air Dumbbell


Minsun Kim has come up with this innovative improvement to a basic exercise tool, which is called the Air Dumbbell. It’s filled with air instead of metal, giving it buoyancy and making water workouts more effective. This product can be used semipermanently.



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How did you enjoy the grand tour of SADI students’ nimble and innovative ideas? We are very proud of SADI’s world class design works, and are looking forward to seeing much more of their young, creative design masterpieces.



Reddot Design Award


The red dot Design Award is an international product design prize awarded by the Nordrhein Westfalen Design Center in Essen, Germany. It is considered one of the top 3 design contests, along with IDEA(USA) and IF(Germany). Since 1955, individual designers, students and design companies can apply for the prizes awarded in 3 different categories-product design, communication design and design concepts.

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