Samsung’s Design Philosophy (2): Efficient and Long-Lasting

on November 2, 2011
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What are the main goals of Samsung’s design? In order to find out, we had a chance to talk to 7 designers from Samsung Electronics, asking them how they make their designs meaningful.



Samsung’s Design Philosophy

(1) Simple and Intuitive

(2) Efficient and Long-Lasting

(3) Adaptive and Engaging


The first designers we spoke with emphasized their pursuit of a simple and intuitive design esthetic.  The second group of designers that we spoke with endeavor to create designs that are efficient and long-lasting.




Sangmin believes in the philosophy of ‘合(read ‘Hap’ in Korean, meaning ‘sum’, ‘total’, ‘aggregate’ and ‘synthesis’). He believes that not only beauty and aesthetic appeal, but also eco-friendliness, popular trends, and cutting-edge technologies should be a part of design.



The Crest Guru(E1107) is outfitted with a solar powered battery. Being released in India, where the sun is always shining but access to electricity is unstable in many places, it’s a synthesis of beauty and appropriate technologies.





Ms. Gang says that if Samsung’s unique design identity influenced a consumer’ to buy a Samsung product among other choices, that’s ‘value-driven design’ in action. She puts high value on colors, as well as color-naming and color marketing.


External hard drive G-series were developed with natural motifs in mind, inspired by young baobab leaves shimmering in the sunlight. In accordance with its concept, these products are free of harmful, toxic halogens, dispensing with the attachment of any decorative elements or coating in favor of natural-colored surfaces using eco-friendly materials. Iridescent micro-scale leaf patterns are used on the case, which secure the outer surface from scratches as well as abrasions, providing a safe, stylish and eco-friendly design.

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