Samsung addresses B2B with its completely new A4 color laser line-up

on June 14, 2012
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Samsung Electronics announced today its focus on the B2B sector with the introduction of a new full color laser printer line-up in Milan, Italy.


Samsung showcased its complete range of new A4 color laser printer/multi-function printer (MFP) and copier devices and innovative printing solutions, which were developed based on in-depth customer research to offer total technology convergence.


“We are proud to present our new color laser printing technologies, and through them, we are certain that we will offer added value to the B2B market. The printing business is our priority in 2012 in order to become a major player in the global B2B market within three years.” Seongwoo Nam, Executive Vice President and Head of the IT Solutions Business


Samsung revealed its seven new A4 color laser series, which includes devices for small businesses (CLP-360, CLX-3300, CLP-415, CLX-4195 series) as well as large corporate enterprises (CLP-680, CLX-6260, CLX-8600 series) with printing speeds from 18 to 48ppm.


Samsung Printers has seen a great deal of success in recent years with its monochrome laser printers, which were awarded eight Buyers Lab ‘Picks’, ‘Line of the Year,’ and the ‘Outstanding Achievement’ award for its Easy Eco Driver as well as numerous compliments from globally recognized testing organizations.



World’s First for Performance and Reliability


To ensure quality performance on complex jobs, the new A4 copiers – CLX-8640 and CLX-8650 – have been equipped with Samsung’s latest 1GHz Dual Core CPU, offering up to 1.5 times faster processing than conventional 1GHz CPU devices for maximum productivity. Each device holds printing speeds of 38 and 48 ppm, respectively – the world’s fastest A4 color laser printer currently available.


The new Samsung A4 copiers hold the world’s first all-in-one board combining numerous boards into one single platform. It enables lower energy consumption and a decreased failure rate as complex parts have been simplified.



Exceptional Color Quality from Seg.1 to A4 Copiers



From the most compact color laser printer/MFP in Seg.1 (CLP-360 and CLX-3300) to the fastest A4 color copier in its class, with lower operation cost (CLX-8640 and CLX-8650), the new models are all equipped with Samsung’s most advanced color printing technology. By applying Samsung’s latest image processing technology ‘Rendering Engine for Clean Pages (ReCP),’ they now offer crisper and more vivid print and scan results. When printing, color edges and text/graphic clarity are amazingly enhanced. The new Polymerized toner delivers extremely sharp professional image qualities for maximum results.



Effective Cost Control with Award Winning Easy Eco Driver


As important as exceptional color quality and fast printing speeds is the cost aspect in the B2B business. Samsung’s award winning Easy Eco Driver enables enterprises to effectively manage printing options and save overall TCO by more than 10%, disabling unnecessary text, images or space prior to printing. The Eco-simulator within the driver allow customers to set up their preference and it shows how much toner, electricity and paper has been saved in real-time, depending on the settings of the user.

In addition, the one touch Eco-button instantly activates previously set Eco-printing function.



Print From Any Device


Push your boundaries and free yourself from the fixed idea that there has to be a PC to print. Samsung Easy Mobile Print enables print and scan from any mobile devices with Samsung’s network/wireless printers without operating a PC. Users are able to print images, PDFs, web-pages, office documents.


The Samsung MobilePrint application can be easily downloaded to the users’ smartphone or tablet. The application supports Android, Windows and iOS smartphones.



Smart Business Solutions For Smarter Working Environment


Integrate your documents into a digital workflow for faster, cost-efficient processing and sharing. Samsung’s SmarThru solution captures paper documents digitally for fast, accurate, electronic archiving, indexing and file searching. In addition, SmarThru simplifies information sharing across different departments through the direct application on fax, FTP, print, e-mail and Microsoft SharePoint. The solution allows reduction of costs by eliminating wasteful manual filing and searching.


Samsung SyncThru solution allows easy management of printers and other devices within a business, raising productivity through optimization of the printing environment – a true device management solution from job accounting control to hardware eco-settings not only from PCs but also from any mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.



Compact and Ergonomic Design



Heavy and clunky printers which eat up your office space? Through the convergence of technology and design, Samsung Printers are now more compact and lighter than existing competitive models, leaving maximum office space for other purposes.


The Samsung Design Team created a new compact design by separating the interface and storage zone of a printer, providing a cleaner compact look and ergonomic characteristics. Apart from the external aspects the user interface (UI) has also been renewed by implementing a 4.3-inch touch screen display.



Reliable and Credible


Samsung Electronics has been manufacturing industry-leading printers for more than 20 years. It enjoys close to 20% market share in laser printers, which are renowned for their quality, reliability and energy efficiency. Samsung Electronics is also the second largest laser-engine manufacturer in the world, and manufactures approximately 70% of printers in-house—a key factor behind the quality and market success of its laser printer portfolio.


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