Samsung and Habit for Humanity Continues to Build Homes, Communities for Hope

on April 8, 2016
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Samsung Electronics will this year continue its hope-filled journey of citizenship partnership with nonprofit housing organization Habitat for Humanity.


The partnership, first established in 2013, sees Samsung provide housing support, water, sanitation and education support in countries where Habitat operates.


As part of the deep-reaching and impactful Samsung-Habitat collaboration, house construction efforts have borne fruit in Egypt and South Africa, while in Vietnam in 2014, ICT classrooms with thirty computers were built for two schools, while refurbishment was carried out at three schools and water sanitization projects completed at two more.


Meanwhile, in Zambia, the project has seen houses built, as well as an innovative Solar Powered Internet School.


Samsung and Habitat are currently constructing 50 houses in Argentina, in addition to a community center. Houses were also built in Vietnam, while in Kenya, new technology using interlocking stabilized soil blocks was put to use in the building of a school.


You can take a look at some of the places that Samsung and Habitat’s emotion-filled journey has taken its many participants to thus far in the gallery below:



Republic of South Africa

A Solar Powered Internet School


1_Habitat_South Africa

2_Habitat_South Africa

In 2013, Samsung built the Solar Powered Internet School in a village in South Africa, allowing students from neighboring towns to enjoy a tech-rich education experience.



Building Residential Homes


3_Habitat_South Africa

4_Habitat_South Africa

Samsung and Habitat built 28 houses in Pelican Park, a new settlement north of Cape Town, South Africa. Construction began in July 2013 to mark Nelson Mandela International Day, and was completed in January 2014. A group of Samsung employees participated in the five-month building program.




Digital Classrooms





A group of Samsung employees went to the Vietnamese town of Phuc Thuan in 2014. They set up three digital classrooms equipped with thirty PCs with monitors and a digital display. The project was part of an effort to offer ICT education to students from three schools including Phuc Thuan High School. After construction was completed, Samsung employees continued to pay regular visits, acting as teachers for a day, educating students and performing IT maintenance.



Constructing Homes




Samsung employees paid a visit to Khe Sanh, a village in Vietnam, in August 2014. They worked with residents over a period of two days to build six homes.



A Kindergarten for the Community




When Samsung employees visited Thuy Hoa, a village in Vietnam in August, 2014, they performed a large-scale building renovation. They also fully furnished the interior, resulting in a kindergarten with a capacity of 300 children.




Children’s Hygiene Education Scheme



In 2014, Samsung employees travelled to Makululu, a village in Zambia, as part of a hygiene education program. The sessions saw them demonstrate to residents the way that micro-organisms work.



Homes for the Residents





Samsung employees took part in a building project in Makululu, a village in Zambia in 2014. The effort saw 13 houses constructed for village residents.


Wall-painting in a School




Samsung employees went to Nyama, a village in Zambia in 2015. They painted a vivid mural for an elementary school.



Building Schools and Homes



Samsung employees conducted a geological survey in Nyama, a village in Zambia in 2015. Construction of a school and homes for residents is slated for completion by the end of 2016.




Home Building



Samsung volunteers built a seed house in Bueno Aires, Argentina, in 2015.



Since 2015, Samsung has been working on a construction project in Nanum Village, Gran Chaco, Argentina. The company will complete the construction of 50 new homes at the site by December 2016. In 2015, Samsung carried out a construction survey for a water collection system at the site.

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