Samsung Announces InteractiV Platform to Enable Rich Communication Experience

on January 30, 2015
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Revitalizes voice and messaging services to enhance user experience and provide additional revenue opportunities for telecom operators


Samsung has announced the launch of InteractiVa platform that brings new possibilities to the way that users interact with one another and local businesses, while generating significant monetization opportunities for network operators.


Previously demonstrated at Mobile World Congress 2014, InteractiV enables new and interesting ways for smartphone users to share content and applications during calls. Developers who design their applications to leverage the InteractiV Application Programming Interface (API) can give users the ability to share information, media content and even the screen itself when they are connected with other people, businesses or devices. These applications are then hosted and distributed by the InteractiV server, located in the operator’s IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) core network.


“We originally envisioned InteractiV as a unique and seamless way to upgrade the traditional voice call experience into something more collaborative for users,” said Joonho Park, Senior Vice President and head of Global Sales & Marketing, Networks Business. “It has since grown into something far more flexible, enabling rich terminal-to-terminal communications across any number of traditional usage scenarios¾whether a user is talking to a friend or booking a flight using VoLTE, watching a live broadcast via eMBMS, doing research on the Internet, or just casually playing games. In any of these cases, InteractiV provides a better opportunity to connect people with their friends, family or businesses.”


The applications for the InteractiV platform are endless. From a peer-to-peer standpoint, users can share and interact with content in real time during a phone call. For example, during a VoLTE call with a friend, one user will have the ability to flip through a photo album from a recent vacation, while the other sees the photos appear on their own device. Both users can collaboratively sketch directly onto the images, as they discuss the trip, and save the modified photo for later.


The InteractiV platform also has benefits for local businesses. A customer will be able to call their local pizzeria to place a delivery order and if there are changes to the menu, such as specials or added ingredients, the pizzeria can share an updated menu with their customer while on the phone. The customers can then browse the menu, place their order and complete the payment process on their screen in real time.


Additionally, InteractiV can provide a whole new way of interacting and communicating with devices in the home. For example, a user will be able to view their living room through the camera on their Smart TV by connecting to the device via their smartphone. This application provides an added layer of home security without the need to install a separate camera.


For network operators, InteractiV creates new revenue potential through the enhancement of voice services for customers. User-to-merchant applications provide significant value to businesses by increasing the ease with which they can engage customers, with operators facilitating the improved interaction. Meanwhile, user-to-user applications provide a premium service to individual customers, further improving the value of VoLTE over 3G voice. Ultimately, InteractiV has the ability to make mobile communication more seamless and engaging, benefiting individual users, business owners and operators alike.



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