Samsung Canada Gives Back to the Community

on October 8, 2012
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In 1987, Samsung’s journey in Canada began with 16 employees. At that time, the company only sold televisions, and was seen as just another company that sold electronic goods. But today, 25 years later, Samsung Canada stands as Canada’s leading IT company, as well as being a major supplier for other electronic appliances. With over 400 employees and $2 billion in sales last year, Samsung Canada just keeps on growing.

Samsung Canada marked its 25th anniversary on September 21st, 2012. While many companies might have a big party, Samsung Canada and its employees participated in various local non-profit charity activities, something consistent with Samsung’s philosophy of “giving back to the community.” Some of these charity projects included: Habitat for Humanity; United Way Agencies; tree planting; Build-A-Bear for children in the hospital; park clean-up and others.

The day of service started with great news – all employees were dismissed early to participate. But before everything began, all 400 Samsung employees gathered outside for a photo op.  After the photos, a short assembly followed, where President Haktae Kim gave a few words.

With three main branches stretched across the country, all employees were able to take part in the anniversary celebrations.  While most of the employees work in the headquarters (located Mississauga, in the Greater Toronto Area), there are also two branches in Vancouver and Montreal.

Hazel McCallion, mayor of Mississauga, also joined the event to give a speech as well. The mayor, who has been in office since 1978, was actually present at Samsung Canada’s opening day back in 1987. She thanked Samsung for providing jobs to hundreds of Canadians, as well as helping the city of Mississauga grow economically. She also mentioned and praised Samsung’s involvement with the Provincial Government of Ontario, especially in regards to its work with renewable energy sources.

President Kim presented the mayor a picture of her cutting the ribbon for Samsung’s first day in Canada, back in 1987.

After the ceremony, employees scattered to four different charity events around the city, where they jumped in to make a difference.

The first group of employees, who stuck around the company building made teddy bears and bicycles for children in the hospitals.

The finished teddy bears featured a name tag that had the creator’s name and the future owner’s name.  They turned out so cute, and we’re sure they’ll bring smiles to the patients.

Meanwhile, at a park about 10 minutes away from the company building, another group of employees were busy planting trees and shrubs.

One of the employees, Amish, who works in Service and organized the tree-planting activity has been doing this for 10 years. He said that he wanted to do lots of things for our communities so that he can leave a good environment to both the current and future generations.

President Haktae Kim and other executives were also part of this group. Changed out of their suits, they too dug the ground with their hands and shovels. With sweat on his forehead, President Kim was going around helping out fellow workers, trying to interact with them as much as possible.

Even outside the office, it was nice to see everyone working together like a family. Ranks, seniority or age didn’t seem to matter today; everyone was united in service.

After planting the trees, the staff had a brief lunch and then picked up garbage around the park. The grand total of 450 plants was planted by Samsung employees that day.

About 20 minutes away from the park, another group of Samsung employees were out in the fields laying the groundwork for new houses. The work wasn’t easy going, as employees were unloading gravel and shoveling it to the appropriate spot.  Men in white hard hats were coordinating the efforts. This was for the cause called “Habitat for Humanity”, which is an international organization that helps those in need of housing by raising new shelters. Habitat for Humanity is a very prominent group in Canada, easily spotted at public events and schools.

The site hummed with construction, and the temps were skyrocketing, but the employees never lost their smiles.

The Habitat for Humanity event was organized by an HR employee named David Luu, who joined Samsung 8 months ago. He thought this would be a creative and fun way for employees to contribute to the city, and it turned out to be a nice way for co-workers to get together outside the office as well.

Another group of Samsung’s team picked apples at local gardens. Late September and Early October is apple-picking season in Canada. This activity benefitted the United Way of Canada, a national organization that addresses community issues and problems.

Everything wrapped up by 3:30PM. For Samsung Canada, it was a successful day of simply giving back to its neighbors. Not only did 400 people give their time to the efforts, but they also contributed a positive spirit.

Samsung is undoubtedly a successful enterprise in Canada. But to become the best, employees believe that the company has to become “the people’s brand.” To keep giving back, last month Samsung sponsored an event called Tough Mudder, a messy, dirty, grueling, adventure course which took place north of Barrie, Ontario to raise money for wounded soldiers. With over 17,000 participants, Samsung not only financially supported the cause, but two teams from the office actually participated in the event as well.

Through these and other events, it is evident that Samsung Canada is actively involved in local communities. With its quiet growth and volunteer efforts, combined with outstanding electronic products, we hope Samsung is becoming a brand that Canadians respect, trust, and love.


If you want to watch the video of Samsung Canada’s 25th anniversary, here it is!


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