Samsung Celebrates Premiere of Paris 2024 Docu-Series With Street League Skateboarding and Pro Breaking Tour

on May 7, 2024
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In March 2024, Samsung announced partnerships with Street League Skateboarding (SLS), Pro Breaking Tour (PBT) and World Surf League (WSL) to celebrate the sports of skateboarding, breaking and surfing — and their communities — on the Road to Paris 2024 and beyond.


Samsung created a three-part docu-series to spotlight each sport’s iconic subculture as part of the company’s campaign for Paris 2024, “Open always wins.” Produced in collaboration with SLS, PBT and WSL, the project encapsulates how the skateboarding, breaking and surfing communities all share the common value of openness.


To celebrate the project and connect with the communities who sit at the very heart of these sports, Samsung premiered the first two films at exclusive screenings — showcasing “Concrete Dreams” at the 2024 SLS Championship Tour in San Diego, U.S., and “Breaking Boundaries” at Pro Breaking Tour 2024 in Atlanta, U.S. “The Next Wave” will debut at the WSL’s SHISEIDO Tahiti Pro in late May.


Samsung joined thousands of skateboarding enthusiasts at the Viejas Arena in San Diego to watch hopefuls compete in the 2024 SLS Championship Tour. Fans gathered and eagerly observed the competition, where Team Samsung Galaxy’s very own Rayssa Leal secured first place in the Women’s Final.


In addition, fans and attendees took selfies with props at a skateboarding-themed “Open always wins” photo booth.


“The Galaxy S24’s photo and video capabilities are perfect for skateboarding and capturing the fast-paced action and tricks that are always happening,” shared one visitor.


“I love the features on the Galaxy S24 Ultra. The translation tool is useful,” added another guest. “Removing shadows out of pictures is amazing because everyone is using their phones to take pictures. The expanded storage is also great.”


“The documentary is awesome,” said an attendee. “It’s amazing that SLS and Samsung have come together to help out the culture and really spotlight it.”


▲ “Concrete Dreams” is screened during the final competition at the 2024 SLS Championship Tour in San Diego.


▲ Team Samsung Galaxy’s Rayssa Leal (Skateboarding, Brazil)


▲ Team Samsung Galaxy’s Sky Brown (Skateboarding, Great Britain)



▲ Fans try out Galaxy phones and take photos at the Samsung Galaxy Experience zone.



Following the screening in San Diego, Samsung headed to the East Coast for Pro Breaking Tour 2024 at eHall Atlanta, where Samsung held a special screening of “Breaking Boundaries” for fans in between the preliminary and final rounds of the competition.


During the event, fans visited the Samsung booth where they had a chance to snap photos at a breaking-themed photo booth filled with fun props and enter a raffle to win prizes that included some of Samsung’s latest innovations.


Samsung also awarded an “Open Award” plaque and a Galaxy S24 Ultra to King Quic for his cyphering performance. In breaking, a cypher is when B-boys and B-girls form a circle and enter the middle one by one to show their freestyle dancing. Cyphers have been around ever since breaking began, and they’ve always been a place where breakers can express themselves.


“The documentary represents the most important pieces of breaking,” said one visitor. “It has roots in the street, but it represents the culmination of all the people who want to move and have technique and show who they are.”


“The film looks really good,” shared an attendee. “It’s cool to see the culture represented in a cinematic style. People need to know where to see the dance. It’s not just important — it’s powerful.”


“It is so awesome to see Samsung supporting the breaking community,” added another guest. “Between breaking’s debut at the Olympics and the partnership with Samsung, this is going to be a huge year for the growth and awareness of the sport.”


“Breaking can only keep growing, so it’s great to have partners like Samsung helping the growth and highlighting breaking’s culture and community through things like this documentary,” said a visitor.


Concrete Dreams” and “Breaking Boundaries” can both be found on Samsungs YouTube channel.


▲ Breakers compete at the 2024 Pro Breaking Tour in Atlanta.


▲ “Breaking Boundaries” is screened between the preliminary and final rounds.



▲ Fans enjoy Samsung’s breaking-themed photo booth.

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