Samsung Celebrates the Opening of the 101st Hope School in China

on December 16, 2011
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On November 15th Samsung held a ceremony celebrating the opening of its 101st Samsung Hope School(三星希望小学) in China, located in Baitafan Village(白塔畈乡) in Anhui Province(安徽省). With this groundbreaking achievement, Samsung continues to spread hope around the world.



Participating in the event were 300 Baitafan Hope School students, the secretary of the China Youth Development Foundation Tu Meng(涂猛), Anhui Province Communist Youth League(共青团) representative Li Hong(李红), and Senior Vice President YoungHa Kim, Head of Samsung Electronics China Headquarters.


The Samsung Hope School Foundation has rebuilt 100 schools in 28 provinces across China, acting as Samsung’s most visible humanitarian project in China. After the devastating 2008 Sichuan earthquake, Samsung donated 30 million Yuan towards building 10 completely quake-proof Samsung Philanthropy Schools(三星博爱学校).


The 101st Samsung Hope School features a fully-equipped Multimedia Room that offers up-to-date electronics including laptops, Galaxy Tabs, cameras, and TVs. In addition to the educational features, a new feature in this school’s Multimedia Room is the “Mama Hotline.” With many students’ parent or parents working in a different city, the “Mama Hotline” offers students an easy way to communicate with far away family members.


For the opening event, Samsung staff from Beijing and Shanghai came to Baitafan Village to volunteer for “Samsung Love Classrooms”, where they joined students in participating in a variety of activities, utilizing Samsung products and technology while teaching the children how to use computers and related software.


SVP YoungHa Kim aimed to plant seeds of hope in children’s hearts through this event, telling them to “strive towards a better future and make your dreams a reality in the newly constructed school.”



In addition to Hope Schools, Samsung has shown its dedication to education in China with the Samsung Agricultural Talent Scholarship and Hope School Science Camp, which invites 100 students from different parts of China each year, and takes them on educational tours around the country.  In 2008 students were invited to attend the Summer Olympic Games.



Samsung is proud to provide more opportunities and a better environment for Chinese children to learn with the Hope for Children Campaign. We will continue to help communities as a “corporate citizen” of the world.



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