Samsung Citizenship Project Revitalizes Villages

on September 28, 2016
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No matter how united the community, it can only thrive if it has the tools to do so independently. That’s why Samsung Electronics is working with developing regions through its Nanum Village program.


The Nanum Village project sees partnering with local governments to provide support. But what makes the effort so noteworthy is that it aims to tackle poverty at its source. And in addition, it helps villages to be the masters of their own destinies by enabling growth.


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China is one of the important locations for Nanum Village program. After consultation with the government of Shaanxi, where Samsung’ semiconductor facility is located, Samsung selected Fuping County as a village location. The area received investments into its education, medical facilities, drinking water, and a community center. The Nanum Village enabled Samsung to further deepen relationship with the local area.


As part of the project, residents living were able to move in mountainous areas to flatter, more living surroundings. There, they are able to build orchards and goat farms that will help them become financially independent.



When a Village becomes a Tourist Town

Fuping County isn’t the only place in China that is becoming a Nanum Village. Nanwei in Laishui, Hebei is a mountainous village only 20km away from a national park. Sure, it’s beautiful but its underdeveloped infrastructure has prevented it from becoming a tourism hotspot. To make matters worse, many of the younger residents have left the area in preference of bigger cities.


Samsung has been working over the last three years to invest in eco-tourism in the town. It’s a joint project that has also called on the help of Hebei government and China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation.


Samsung China Nanum Village_Main_1_F


This Nanum Village will remodel the underdeveloped farms and create eco-touristic villas. This will result in a virtuous cycle that attracts tourists, creates jobs, and boosts the local economy. All this enables the town to become more sufficient from its own resources.


Test operation of the eco-touristic town began on September 20, 2015 and twelve eco-touristic villas will follow by the end of 2016. By 2017, Samsung will develop eco-friendly gardens as part of the wider effort to make Nanwei a fully-fledged eco-friendly town.


Samsung China Nanum Village_Main_2_2F



Creating Communities 

Nanum Villages are just one of the main five citizenship projects led by Samsung Electronics. For the Nanum Village, there are already ten locations that reach 200,000 people. Samsung has established solar power facilities in Central and South America, built a community center in Argentina and also built Nanum Villages in three African countries.


Samsung isn’t just about creating products and services, it’s about impacting lives. Creating Nanum Villages is one of the routes through which Samsung can make a difference and help developing regions to plan their own tomorrows.


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