The San Francisco Gold Rush (v. 2013): Samsung Developers Conference 2013

on October 21, 2013
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The past few years have definitely been a golden era for developers and it seems like there is plenty of gold yet to be mined. Digital devices are likely to continue to improve at exponential rates (assuming Moore’s law holds true for a while), which means potential for app development is also exponential. Most importantly, there are still plenty of devices that need to be explored in terms of app use such as tablets, Smart TVs and S Pen devices (or the GALAXY Note series). It really is gold, just waiting to be mined.


If you want to participate in this gold rush, information is the key. Sure, if you’re a developer, there is a good amount of basic info on Samsung development tools such as S Pen SDK, Chord, AllShare and MultiWindow, but it has been hard to get in-depth information on them. Until now!


The San Francisco Gold Rush


From October 28th to 29th, in-depth information on various Samsung development tools is going to be shared for the first time at the Samsung Developers Conference (SDC 2013) in San Francisco! Be one of the first developers to make it to the gold mine with the tools to dig in! Here are some samples of the gold you can find at the Samsung Developers Conference. Click here to register.


S Pen SDK 3.0 (The pen package)


The pen package is a new input method to supplement the weakness of the existing methods, which provides quicker and more precise inputs. In addition, pressure applied on the tip of the pen is measured and used to provide more pen-like effects. The pen package allows individual developers and third parties to develop applications, such as S Note, that use handwritten input. The pen package is based on a plug-in framework to support future enhancements that supports virtual pens, objects run-time and handwriting recognition functions by default.



Major features in the pen package are:

– Drawing strokes, Managing pen, eraser, text settings, Adding, deleting and modifying objects, Managing history to undo and redo



Samsung Chord SDK


samsung chord sdk


Chord allows you to easily develop local information-sharing applications. Devices running Chord-based applications locate each other using UDP-broadcast-based discovery, and then use a TCP/IP-based protocol stack to create a reliable, local, peer-to-peer communication network. This network is used to share data, including text messages, binary messages and files, with selected members of the network.


Games and applications developed with Samsung Chord may be delivered to users via Group Play. With a little effort, you can showcase your games and applications on Group Play.


See some cool sample of what you can do with Samsung Chord!



The basic features of the Chord SDK:

– Interaction between devices, Synchronized content sharing, Broadcast of messages to nearby devices, Data transfer between devices, Multi-player games

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