SAMSUNG d’light Reopens to Offer Glimpse of Tomorrow, Today

on September 15, 2015
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Located within the Samsung Electronics Building in Seoul, Korea, SAMSUNG D’light was established in December 2008 to showcase the latest consumer electronic products by Samsung Electronics and provide the brand experience. Yet, after undergoing a three-month renovation, SAMSUNG D’light reopened its doors on September 12 to give visitors an even more exciting glimpse into the future.


SAMSUNG D’light, which takes its name from the combination of the words “digital” and “light”, aims to be a “guiding light to the digital world,” all the while functioning as a beacon, leading consumers to an entirely new lifestyle through digital technology. But rather than just presenting how its products convey its vision, Samsung offers visitors the unique opportunity to experience how its devices and solutions are shaping the future through two floors of immersive exhibits under the theme “Live Your Tomorrow.”


On the first floor, visitors can enjoy interactive experiences through Samsung’s current products and services. On the second floor, visitors can learn how the next generation technology of semiconductors can impact people’s lives and experience how various industries, such as healthcare, shopping and education, can be transformed through Samsung’s solutions in the near future.




In Touch With the Future


The journey begins as visitors enter the exhibition doors to a spacious interior that at once exudes a futuristic vibe. After donning a chip-enabled wristband corresponding to their language—Chinese, English or Korean—visitors “sync” themselves with a photo and their name to the seemingly alive system that digitally guides them (along with docents, who are available upon request) through the first floor experience zone.


“Emotion” is the concept for the first segment of the interactive experience, which consists of multiple stations that guests use to transform their photographs into colorful works of art via Samsung’s latest mobile devices. Next is the “Sense” area, where visitors utilize gestures to interact with cutting-edge mirror displays. Finally, they harness the power of their “Intuition” and creativity to digitally construct a whimsical planet which is displayed across 16 curved TVs that circle overhead.


Guests complete their interactive experience in the “Imagination” room. Here, a display gathers information from their wristbands, and based on their choices made in the previous areas, determines their visionary type, such as “Peace Barista” or “Utopia Architect,” among others. In this way, Samsung’s technologies analyze the personalities and characteristics of guests to envision the future, much in the same way that Samsung aims to understand users’ needs to design its technology.


After sharing their results via the SAMSUNG D’light homepage, guests can then make their way upstairs to get hands-on with Samsung’s high-tech solutions. The Shape Tomorrow wall, an eye-catching, floor-to-ceiling display, for example, beautifully showcases the visions of Samsung’s semiconductor technology for individuals’ personal lives, society and the environment.




Unlocking the Possibilities of Tomorrow


Visitors then make their way to the Home of the Future, which, at first glance, appears to be a typical modern apartment. That is, until visitors pick up the tablets stationed throughout each room, which when maneuvered around, give a 360-degree view of the same home, but actively being utilized by a family. As such, visitors can get a glimpse at how the Internet of Things communicates between smart devices like the refrigerator, the television and even the bathroom mirror, to make life more convenient and seamlessly connected.


But, as guests soon learn, Samsung’s products are also changing other industries, too. In an adjacent area that resembles a classroom, tablets have replaced textbooks and a monitor you can write on is the new blackboard. Nearby, in a retail setting, guests see how customers can build a sandwich by tapping their favorite ingredients on a screen or pay with their mobile phones. Even healthcare, it seems, is enhanced through wearable devices and sensors that track one’s movement, heart rate and sleep patterns to better diagnose and prevent potential health issues.




By the end of the tour, which takes approximately 40 minutes, it is clear that these technologies, which not long ago seemed to only be possible in science fiction blockbusters, are now a reality and are quickly becoming integrated into so many aspects of our lives. This is reiterated with the massive “My Life” video screen and displays of recently released products that guests pass by as they exit on the first floor, an area that will also function as a space for special events.


Those looking to take home a bit of the future can head to the D’light shop in the basement. Here, visitors can browse a wide array of products and accessories, or consult sales assistants with any questions they may have.


The newly renovated and highly interactive SAMSUNG D’light is sure to capture the imaginations of all visitors, whether tech geek or elementary school student, by showcasing the endless possibilities that will no doubt transform and enhance their lives tomorrow, today.

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