Samsung Electronics Drives Paradigm Shift in Air Conditioning Technology Forward with New Range of Products

Korea on October 28, 2015
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Samsung Electronics announced the launch of its new 360 Cassette air conditioning unit, DVM Chiller, next generation DVM S 30HP, and new side discharge VRF unit – the DVM S Eco 14HP – at the Samsung AC Forum 2015 in Korea. Together, these innovations in HVAC engineering will transform air conditioning by boosting energy efficiency and performance, maximizing space, and increasing cooling speed.


“With these new offerings, our target is to reach annual sales of USD 10 billion by 2020 and lead the future of air solutions business,” said BK Yoon, President and CEO of Consumer Electronics Business, Samsung Electronics. “At Samsung we are passionate about continuously evolving our technology to offer the best products and best user experience possible to our customers.”


With more than 750 global partners and media, the Samsung AC Forum 2015 kicks off in Korea. Starting this month up until the first half of 2016, Samsung AC Forum will continue at 117 cities in 50 markets by inviting more than 9,000 global partners and media to share more about Samsung’s latest products as well as the vision of Samsung System Air Conditioning.


At the first forum, Samsung revealed its plan to collaborate with world renowned experts – architects and professors – on various projects that closely integrate the Internet of Things (IoT) into future living spaces. Russell Brown, a nationally elected member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Council, also shared his thoughts on architecture, the future of designing a space and the value it will bring to people.


Samsung’s New 360 Circular Cassette Design




The innovative design of the 360 Cassette unit transforms air flow. The unique and revolutionary booster fan inside the 360 Cassette guides air to form a complete horizontal flow, generating layers of chilled air. Samsung’s circular air wave consistently controls the temperature of the room by providing an even distribution of air in a full 360 direction. Bladeless flow control ensures fast comfortable cooling without the cold draft by ensuring 100 percent of air volume compared to traditional four-way Cassette units, which can lose up to 25 percent of air volume. The resulting cooling speed is increased by 34 percent.


The 360 Cassette combines revolutionary performance with an elegant design which will blend in and enhance any setting. The unit features a stylish panel and intuitive display that allows users to change the air flow depending on preference. Users can choose from three settings including horizontal, vertical, and separate zone control air flow.


The air conditioner can be fitted within the ceiling or exposed, offering ultimate flexibility to suit the style of any room. In addition, users have the option of a wheel dial remote controller with a dedicated button for comfort cooling. The Samsung Virus Doctor kit can also be added to eliminate dust, airborne contaminants, allergens, bacteria and viruses.


The next generation of high-performance VRF: Samsung DVM S 30HP


Samsung boosts efficiencies and performance capabilities with the new Super DVM – the Digital Variable Multi air conditioner. The DVM S 30HP combines the DVM S with cutting-edge innovation for enhanced performance, efficiency and reliability.




The new Samsung DVM S 30HP features a number of revolutionary features to boost performance, including a new Super Inverter Scroll Compressor with flash injection technology and an optimized bypass valve location to increase heating capacity by 29 percent.


The further addition of a hybrid heat exchanger increases the heat exchange area while an optimized refrigerant control delivers greater efficiency (10 percent) and a new oval-shaped diffuser application improves the airflow path and increases the airflow rate by 17 percent.


The Samsung DVM S 30HP also complies with strict regulation thanks to an innovative leak detection system. When a leak is detected, the system automatically begins an active pump down process to collect the refrigerant and close all valves to isolate it within the unit.


The DVM S Eco 14HP: Samsung’s new side discharge VRF unit


The DVM S Eco 14HP is a new side discharge VRF air conditioner engineered to deliver a single outdoor unit solution for apartment and office buildings




The improved performance of the Samsung DVM S Eco 14HP ensures it meets the growing need for a specialized single outdoor unit to reduce the cost of previous multiple loading and sub-duct installation in multi-room buildings.


The innovative design of the DVM S Eco 14HP features a robust Inverter Scroll Compressor and corrugate fin, which improves heating performance by 20 percent and increases air flow by 10 percent compared to standard side discharge VRF units.


The increased horse power of the DVM S Eco (maximum 14HP) means that only one single outdoor unit is needed to manage the air conditioning for an apartment or office building, in place of multiple costly units. All areas of the building are covered as the new unit also provides an extended piping length of up to 160 meters and an installation height of up to 50 meters. The width of the new DVM S Eco 14HP is less than one meter (940mm), maximizing capacity with a better use of space, while the four-way piping enables convenient installation.


Samsung’s cutting-edge energy efficient DVM Chiller


The new DVM Chiller is a powerful system that combines an air-cooled chiller with Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) in a compact unit.




Responding to the growing demand for water-source HVAC following the tightening of EU regulations on F-gas levels, Samsung has engineered an air-cooled chiller that offers greater energy efficiency and ease of use in an innovative compact design.


By reducing the system refrigerant levels significantly more than a conventional chiller, the Samsung DVM Chiller not only complies with current 2015 EU refrigerant quota levels but also adheres to the further upcoming reduction in levels (35 percent in 2018).


In the revolutionary DVM Chiller, Samsung has embedded the world-class BLDC Inverter Scroll Compressor with Flash Injection technology, ensuring over 75 percent of heating capacity at -20°C ambient temperature and greater energy efficiency. The Chiller enables users to reduce annual utility costs by 36 percent to 50 percent compared to conventional chillers.


The Samsung DVM Chiller also delivers powerful heating performance while providing cold water through thermal ice storage with an in-built pressure and temperature sensor, which prevents device breakdown from freeze-bursts.

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