Samsung Electronics’ Home Appliances Become First in Industry To Be Verified to Highest Level ‘Diamond’ by UL Solutions’ IoT Security Rating Program

Korea on March 29, 2024
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Samsung’s Bespoke Jet Bot Combo™ AI and Family Hub Refrigerators that come with data encryption and Knox Matrix security technology, are verified to level ‘Diamond’ by UL Solutions


Samsung Electronics today announced that its new all-in-one robot vacuum cleaner, the Bespoke Jet Bot Combo™ AI,1 and its Family Hub Refrigerators2 have been verified to level ‘Diamond’ by UL Solutions for their IoT security capabilities. UL Solutions Inc., is a leading global safety science company that evaluates hundreds of marketing claims each year, and one of their services, the UL Verified IoT Device Security Rating process verifies smart home devices for hacking risks and security levels. The Bespoke 4-Door Flex™ Refrigerator with AI Family Hub™+ became the first in the home appliance industry to gain the ‘Diamond’ level, and other Family Hub models and the Bespoke Jet Bot Combo™ AI also achieved the same verification.


UL Solutions divides the level of performance into 5 levels — Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Each level requires rigorous testing, and of them, the highest ‘Diamond’ level is only given after products pass tests evaluating the ability to detect malicious software modulation, prevent illegal access attempts, and anonymize user data. Especially, the products that achieve this highest level differentiate from level ‘Platinum’ in that they must have the ability to test unknown potential vulnerabilities, and operate programs for early detection of security vulnerabilities as well.


The importance of IoT security grows as Samsung builds its products to be more intelligent, incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) features to a host of product lineups and connecting them through SmartThings. Samsung’s devices are built to communicate with each other so that with one signal, multiple devices smartly adjust themselves.


“AI is becoming a bigger part of our everyday lives, and this is especially apparent in the fact that it is being applied to home appliances. With that being the case, security is naturally becoming more important,” said Miyoung Yoo, EVP and Head of the Software Development Team, Digital Appliances (DA) Business at Samsung Electronics. “We at Samsung are putting a huge amount of effort into making sure that data security enhancements come hand-in-hand with our technological advancements. The secure environment we provide will allow our customers to truly enjoy the connected experience enabled by AI.”


To establish this interconnected home environment, each device — as well as data transmitted between devices, must be protected. All Samsung home appliances are protected by ‘Samsung Knox,’ a unique series of security principles, and all WiFi-enabled products come with integrated circuit (IC) chips that encrypt data, protecting it from breaches and attacks. ‘Knox Matrix,’ a security solution designed to protect interconnected devices then strengthens security one step further. It secures sensitive information across multiple devices by supporting end-to-end encryption (E2EE) technology to encrypt all shared and synchronized data, and enables devices to intelligently monitor each other for security threats and send notifications to other devices in the event that one is attacked.


The two new products boast AI features designed to make the lives of users easier. The Bespoke Jet Bot Combo™ AI comes with AI Object Recognition,3 an intelligent technology that recognizes humans,4 pets,5 and even hard-to-see items such as phone cables so that users do not have to do a “first screening clean-up” before running the vacuum. It also comes with Spatial Recognition6 technology that automatically draws the layout of the home, and recommends names for each section. Finally, the AI Floor Detect7 is feature that recognizes when the vacuum is on a carpet, determines the depth of the carpet and prevents it from getting wet by lifting the mop pads up into the vacuum when mopping


The newest edition of the Family Hub series, the Bespoke 4-Door Flex™ Refrigerator with AI Family Hub™+8 also comes with multiple AI functions that serve users’ individual needs. ‘AI Vision Inside,’9 for one, intelligently recognizes fresh food items going in and out of the fridge and automatically creates a food list. ‘SmartThings Food’ then recommends recipes based on the available ingredients. Users can easily get ideas of what to eat, and also save food from going to waste because they can utilize various ingredients they have on hand.



1 VR7M*97****
2 RF**DB99****, RF**DB95****, RF**DG9H****, available in North and South America, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, India, Australia, Korea
3 Object recognition may be affected by an object’s shape or the environmental conditions. Only certain object types can be recognized. Example items: air conditioner (stand type), refrigerator, BESPOKE (refrigerator/dishwasher), TV, washing machine/dryer, air purifier, AirDresser, sofa, bed, bookshelf, table, pet excrement, electrical cable, towel/sock, cup, glass, bottle, bowl, vase, floor mat, rug, coat rack, shoes, pedestal, scales, power extension, furniture with a crossbar, furniture legs, wheeled chair, pet fur ball, smartphone cable, stain, door step, and doorway. A Wi-Fi connection and Samsung account are required.
4 It only recognizes a human presence based on generic visual indicators, and cannot identify individual people. The recognition capabilities may be limited when a person’s entire body cannot be seen. A Wi-Fi connection and Samsung account are required.
5 Only dogs and cats can be recognized. It only recognizes a pet presence based on generic visual indicators, and cannot identify individual pets. A Wi-Fi connection and Samsung account are required. The recognition capabilities may be limited by the posture or position of a pet. The ability to recognize your pet may vary depending on the type of animal and the living environment.
6 Only certain spaces can be recognized. Example spaces: Kitchen, Living room, and ordinary room. A Wi-Fi connection and Samsung account are required.
7 Based on our deep learning model trained using predefined set of data and may yield incomplete or incorrect information. New datasets may be introduced to our learning model from time to time to enhance its accuracy.
8 A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required. You must use a same log-in account between the devices.
9 As of April 2024, AI Vision Inside can recognize 33 fresh food items like fruits and vegetables. If the food is not recognizable, it may be listed as unknown item. AI Vision Inside cannot identify or list any food items in the fridge door bins or freezer. It recognizes food items based on deep learning models, which may be updated periodically to improve accuracy.

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