Samsung Electronics Launches Eco-Friendly, Solar powered – Rechargeable Netbook (NC 215S)

on August 23, 2011
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Samsung has launched the world’s first 10.1 inch solar powered-netbook (NC215S) by  meldingeco-friendly green IT technology onto the cutting-edge digital convergence technology. This product is light and highly portable, and also has various easy-to-use  features NC215S is an aggregation of Samsung’s diverse forward thinkingtechnologies, and it satisfies the needs of global market consumers by integrating ‘environmentally-friendly green IT technology’.




Front Solar Panel, Absorbs Solar Light from the Sun


NC 215S’ most eye-catching and intelligent feature is the large front solar panel located on the cover of the netbook. This panel captures energy from the sun and allows the user to recharge the battery automatically and without cost. Using about 2 hours of bright-mid-day sun, the user can charge the battery life by one hour. A fully charged battery allows up to 14 hours of usage, and the battery can be charged up to 1000 times over 3 years



Freedom with Portability


NC 215S can immediately start under any mobile conditions, so it’s perfect for all your on-the-go computing. Samsung increased the portability and convenience by choosing a slim bezel(just 17.55mm) to give you a sophisticated design and a very wide screen. Weight is always important considering you’re going to be carrying this one around, so light-weight materials were used( the netbook is only about 1.32kg-just under 3 pounds).   Finally, in case you’re a little rough on your gadgets, don’t worry. The  product is protected from everyday scraches by the application of Samsung’s Duracase.


Easy and Fast to Use


Fast Start technology allows you to avioid time-consuming start up and shutdown. With the   application of Fast Start technology, as soon as you close the cover, Sleep Mode kicks in and the device only requires 3 seconds to save your current status. It also only takes 3 seconds to start back up again, so it’s ultra-convenient for the busy businessperson or student.


Even when the product is turned off or in Sleep Mode, devices such as your smartphone or MP3 player can be recharged with the Sleep & Charge USB technology, which utilizes the strength of solar light recharging.


Finally, to enhance your accuracy and ease of typing, the Pebble keyboard(also known as the flat-key keyboard),wasapplied to the NC215S. This keyboard, familiar to users of other high-end technology brands, widens the spaces between the keysthus reducing errors.




Finally, as a true testament to its environmental friendliness, Samsung’s netbook NC215S passed all of TOC Energy organization’s rigorous standards, meeting low levels of energy consumption and noise, as well as a high level of display quality. It also acquired TOC certification after getting its high level of eco-friendly technology recognition. Lastly, itwon the “Energy Technology of the Year” award selected by Korea’s consumers of Korea.


“The solar powered rechargeable netbook is the product that shows what Samsung Electronics’ continuous innovation is about. NC215S’s eco-friendliness, excellent mobility and convenient serviceability will satisfy our customers.”


– Senior Vice President Kyu Uhm, Sales and marketing, IT Solutions



NC 215S attracted the attention of the public last May at the Samsung Electronics Africa Forum, especially considering the spotty electricity coverage in Africa. It has also been launched in Russia, the U.S, Europe, and South Korea.



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NC215 specifications



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