Samsung Electronics Offices Turn Off Lights to ‘Share the Light’

Korea on March 22, 2018
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45 offices worldwide go dark for one hour in second annual campaign; 1,000 solar-powered LED lamps to be donated to villages without electricity

On March 21, Samsung Electronics offices around the world turned off their lights for one hour to help raise awareness on climate change and energy inequality. Forty five Samsung offices globally, including Samsung Electronics headquarters in Suwon, Korea, participated in the initiative, reducing an estimated 9,400 kilograms of carbon dioxide emission. The electricity cost saved, coupled with employee donations, will help fund the delivery of 1,000 solar-powered LED lamps to regions suffering from power shortages.


Digital City, Suwon, before (left) and after lights-out


This year marks the second global lights-out campaign by Samsung. Last year, Samsung delivered LED lamps to Tiom, a rural village in Indonesia’s Papua province. Tiom residents are now able to continue their livelihood even at night time. This year, solar-powered LED lamps, assembled by employee volunteers in Suwon, will be delivered to rural villages in Mactan, Philippines, and Phitsanulok, Thailand where residents suffer from power shortages.


One thousand Samsung Electronics employees volunteered to assemble the LED lamp kits

”Building an LED lantern is not, in itself, a difficult task,” said Kyosung Koo, a Samsung employee who volunteered to help assemble the kits. “But it’s exciting to imagine how small efforts like this can help change the lives of many people.”


Samsung’s ‘Share the Light’ campaign precedes the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)’s Earth Hour, which will be held on March 24 this year. Samsung Electronics chose to operate its program on a weekday to maximize the effect of turning the lights off, including reducing office CO2 emissions and heightening public awareness.


“The Samsung ‘Share the Light’ campaign focuses on raising awareness on environmental issues, as well as sharing hope,” said Soonsun Shim, Senior Vice President and Leader, Global Customer Satisfaction Center at Samsung Electronics. “We will continue this lights-out project as part of our wider environmental and citizenship initiatives around the world.”


A Samsung Electronics employee assembles an LED lamp kit


An LED lamp assembly kit, unboxed


Volunteers line up to submit assembled LED lamps

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