Samsung Electronics Opens Next Generation ERP System To Fuel Future Business Innovations

Korea on April 5, 2021
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Samsung Electronics today announced that the company has launched its N-ERP (Next Generation – Enterprise Resource Planning1) system in its regional and local offices in Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia and China. The N-ERP is the enhanced system of the current G-ERP (Global ERP) which has managed the company’s global operation throughout manufacturing sites and sales offices worldwide. Samsung will expand the system in phases to reach complete global implementation by January next year.


“As a global company operating in 74 countries, Samsung introduced the next generation ERP system with an advanced solution,” said Seongwoo Moon, Senior Vice President and Head of Corporate Business Innovation Center, Samsung Electronics. “To fully support rapidly growing future business opportunities, Samsung has enhanced the IT system to be more flexible and widely applicable.”


By launching N-ERP, the company plans to effectively support innovations in future business such as the expansion of D2C (Direct to Consumer) business. Samsung adopted the latest ERP package and advanced solutions, and designed the flexible system which is capable of handling various businesses in the future.


The N-ERP provides the improved system performance required to process large amounts of data; flexible architecture and process to adapt to new businesses such as D2C; and helps maximize productivity by introducing new automated technologies such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).


  • Samsung established the system based on In-Memory database to enhance the speed of data processing and analysis. Also, the company prepared for dramatic increase of business data volumes in the future by parallelly connecting the hardware with large capacity. Additionally, the system supports business simulation based on actual business data to support rapid decision making.


  • Samsung enhanced the flexibility of the system architecture to effectively work on various business strategies. Samsung has also reinforced system flexibility and made the process more efficient to respond to various business strategies. By adopting open API, the system enables the real-time connection of systems in and outside the company. Also, the system adopted the cloud based professional solution to promptly respond to new businesses in the IT industry.


  • Samsung offers the latest technology which can automate data collection and data processing. The company also introduced Optical Character Recognition (OCR), machine learning and Chat Bot to the platform to allow employees to work more effectively.



1 ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning): A system that helps sharing of business management information and enables efficient work operation by comprehensively managing the enterprise’s physical and financial resources

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