Samsung Electronics Raises the Bar for the TV Accessory Market

Korea on May 31, 2017
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Samsung Electronics, the leading global TV manufacturer, announced the rollout of its QLED TV accessories, featuring unique TV stands and its own transparent ‘Invisible Connection’ optical cables.


With the release of these new QLED accessories, Samsung is reinforcing its commitment to providing users with the flexibility and choice to place their TVs anywhere in the room. In addition to the standard TV stand that comes with all QLED TVs, consumers can now purchase the Samsung Studio Stand or the Samsung Gravity Stand to match their personal tastes and lifestyle.


Starting in the US, Europe and Korea, sales of the QLED TV accessories including stands and optical cables will gradually extend globally.


“The QLED TV is a lifestyle television specifically designed with the consumer’s space in mind,” said Hyeon-seok Kim, President of the Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “We aim to raise the bar and set a new standard for the TV accessory market, allowing TVs to serve as a functional piece of décor in the home.”


With a contemporary look and feel, the Samsung Gravity Stand enhances rooms with its modern design and shape. Comprised of stainless steel, which is often used by architects and furniture manufacturers due to its strength and aesthetic appeal, the Gravity Stand is so discreet that the QLED TV looks as if it were floating when affixed. The stand’s small size also enables the TV to be placed in previously limited spaces. The Gravity Stand also supports the functionality to turn the TV screen up to 70 degrees (up to 35 degrees left or right).



The Samsung Studio Stand is designed to allow the QLED TV to be displayed as a masterpiece in the home. Without extra furniture, such as a TV cabinet or bulky entertainment console, the Studio Stand provides consumers with the ability to easily place their TV anywhere in their home.


Previously, each TV model had its own standard and dimensions for its stand. Today, Samsung has standardized its TV stand structures, making them compatible for 55-inch and 65-inch models including the entire QLED TV series – Q9, Q8 and Q7. This standardization of stand structure enables Samsung televisions to be more easily mounted and replaced as needed.


For those who wish to mount their TVs, Samsung’s unique no-gap wall mounting system is the suitable solution. Samsung plans to open the mounting solution for its QLED TVs to the TV industry to support the growth of the TV accessories market.


Additionally, Samsung has released its new Invisible Connection, which helps connect the TV to its peripheral devices with a thin, transparent optical cable that is 1.8-millimeters in diameter. A 5-meter option is included with the QLED TV purchase and a 15-meter version is sold separately. Using a single thread of transparent cable, this technology allows users to better manage messy and unsightly cables that typically surround the TV. As a result, Invisible Connection allows consumers to reclaim their space and elevate their home décor.



Meanwhile, Samsung’s The Frame, which launches globally soon, also provides three customizable frame options – Walnut, Oak and White. Consumers can purchase each frame separately, and match their TV to their living space as well as their taste.


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