Samsung Electronics receives Good Design Awards in Japan

on November 9, 2012
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The winners of the annual Good Design Awards, a globally popular design contest held in Japan, were announced and Samsung Electronics was on the list. The awards ceremony will be held on November 25 at the Tokyo Big Sight. 100 Top Products will be featured and Good Design Awards will be presented to its respectful winners.


Let’s have a look three of the Top 100 products: The new series 9 (NP900X), the ultra-slim laptop, the world’s first 55-inch OLED TV (ES9500), and the Smart Hub. (Yes, I guess we’re exercising our bragging rights.)






We turned a lot of heads at CES 2012 when we introduced the  New Series 9 laptop. As the Series 9 in 2011 featured a duralumin body, the 2012 version sported a single shell aluminum body .  Its mineral ash color that dances to the flow of light and angle of view added to the premium character. Slim, smooth, solid and slick, Samsung is proud to have crafted it, and we’re pretty sure the users are proud to own it.





The world’s first 55-inch OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) TV  ES9500 was designed to help viewers immerse themselves in the content. The luxurious metallic design inherits the ‘one design’ concept that has helped keep Samsung on top of the TV market. Real becomes much more real as each pixel on the screen lights up separately, making contrast and colors livelier than ever. Also featuring the Multi-View function (possible because its super fast response speeds and active shutterglass technology) this TV is a beauty to the eye and also in the experience it brings.





Smart Hub helps Smart TV (or sometimes Smart Blu-ray Disc Player) users easily access a wide variety of content and services.  Popular content include fitness and education services for family, and a diverse menu of TV apps.


Not among the Top 100 but also receiving the ‘G-Mark’ were some of our smart phones, Smart TVs, printers, and Smart Cameras.






The Galaxy S III (SGH-N064), with a delicate textured feel or marble white with classical emotion- offer streamlined design, elegance, and of course a stable grip. 30 million users, already, are enjoying this beauty.





Galaxy Note (GT-N7000/SGH-N054/SHV-E160S.L.K) maximized the strengths of both a smart phone and a tablet. While maintaining thinness and lightness of smart phones, HD Super AMOLED was mounted on the large 5.3-inch screen for the first time in the world. The exclusive S pen for Galaxy Note provides a differentiated and more personal experience for users.






Galaxy Beam (GT-i8530) could be an ultra-slim projector as well as smart phone. You can share a different content like video clips and photographs via projection with family members and friends at any time. Did you know that Samsung Electronics developed various projector phones such as Haptic Beam, AMOLED Beam, and Projector Smart Phone?





Chromebook Mini Desktop (XE300C) combined Google’s Chrome OS with the concept of cloud computing to offer new and convenient functions to users unlike what they’re used to in existing PCs. Chromebook Mini Desktop gives a slim and clean feeling with minimal design, increasing spatial efficiency.




Slate PC Series 7 (XE700T) maximized the strengths of both tablets and laptop PCs. Based on Windows OS, it offers different input methods using touch, Stylus pen, and keyboard. Its ultra-slim (12.9mm) and ultra-light (860g) design make it very convenient and easy to carry.





Color Printers CLP-415 Series, CLX-4195 Series, CLP-680 Series and CLX-6260 Series along with A3 All-in-one Printer CLX-9301 were designed to allow users make easier use of the typical printer interface and storage. They emphasize user convenience for easy control. Eco functions are offered to save toner and paper, reducing cost and protecting the environment through rational printing.




This Waterproof Camcorder (HMX-W300) comes in a small size that fits right into users’ pockets, making it easy to capture videos, no matter the weather!  This camcorder is equipped with multi-proof function and shows resistance to water, sand, dust and impact. It is an essential item for outdoor activities such as summer vacationing and winter skiing.





NX1000 camera has a compact style with Wi-Fi that allows users to take, save, edit and share photographs and video clips right from the camera without hooking up to a computer. It provides increased portability and easy use. Also, its light weight, minimalist design and diverse colors present a unique and sensible style.





NX 210 camera is a smart camera that shoots saves and sends. It features a mix of both a retro modern style and a classical design. In terms of materials, aluminum was used to reduce the weight and improve durability.





Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a vacuum cleaner equipped with a camera, allowing users to access the vacuum through PC or smartphone. That means that the vacuum can operate when the user is not even home, through remote control. The robot adjusts frequency and intensity of cleaning depending on the differing amount of dust. It first determines where to clean before actually performing the cleaning. The refined design makes the robot vacuum even more visually appealing.





ES8000 is a smart TV that features voice and motion control. The high quality content available for Smart TV is optimized for the large screen.





TV Remote Control (Smart Touch Control) provides minimal design and a touch pad. Its intuitive control methods and eye-catching appearance have gained much praise.





Smart TV Kids App helps children develop their EQ and IQ by the uses of featuring different contents with the characters which the children like. Once the child finishes the selected activities, the children are able to get a sticker on their sticker books, which motivate him or her to learn more.





Smart TV Fitness App serves as a customized trainer and provides various fitness clips with no charge. Users can watch video clips and compare their posture to that of experts. They can also use smart phones and smart body weight scale to check their current performance.










The innovative Smartphone  Motion UX, Galaxy Note 10.1/Galaxy Note S Note (GT-N8000/GT-N7000), and Samsung Smart TV Logo Guide Manual, all of which specially focused on user experience were also on the list.



* Good Design Award a design contest in Japan held by JIDPO (Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization) to select and award products with excellent design and quality every year.



This event is considered as one of the world’s top 4 design contents along with Red Dot and iF (International Forum Design) of Germany and IDEA (International Design Excellence Award) of the United States. Good Design Award was established in 1957 and has been running for over 50 years. It receives about 3,000 products and designs from more than 1,000 domestic and foreign companies, which are examined by about 60 professional designers.


**All functionality, features, specifications and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation

***App availability can differ by country and device

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