Samsung Financial Solutions Addresses Customer Needs

on September 10, 2014
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Here are 4 trends that you’ve already heard: big data, cloud computing, social media and mobility. As many know, these tech-driven trends are reaching many individuals and institutions all around the world. Currently numerous financial institutions are implementing these trends into their business practices, relatively quicker than others industries, because of the need to bounce back from recent economic crises.




For example, banks and insurers are implementing modern technologies to re-engage customers that have lost confidence in financial institutions. The customers’ need can be summarized in 3 bullet points.


– Personalized service

– Personal Information Security

– Cost-Effective Operations




Samsung at IFA 2014 has been presenting its solutions for the finance industry, such as banks, showing that its end-to-end solutions address these main needs.


– Deliver a digital, customer-centric experience

– Enhance efficiency with digital workflows

– Empower filed sales with secure mobility




Deliver a digital, customer-centric experience


When a representative presents a financial plan to a customer, it is important that the client feels appreciated. This not only requires customized plan, but it also requires the impressive presentation, yet friendly.


Samsung interactive whiteboards paired with the optional Touch Overlay foster interactive meetings, allowing participants to actively collaborate and communicate by touching the screen. Clients can ask question, respond, and share content with other participants with content sharing and interactive tools. Moreover, with MagicIWB software, participants can write directly on the optional Touch Overlay using their fingers or the included Touch Pen or writing software for the ultimate interactive experience.



Enhance efficiency with digital workflows


Video wall sure is a great way to engage customers from the moment they enter the branch with clear view of the comprehensive financial related contents. However, managing these contents can be difficult as interfaces generally vary by devices and contents.




At IFA 2014, Samsung has been showcasing its video wall solution. For example, the Quad PBP solution is an impressive way to engage customers. It allows a single UHD TV to take 4 different sources and split the screen in 4 to display all sources simultaneously in real-time.




Videowall solution also has the ability to make management easy and simple for everyone. The Samsung MagicInfo Video Wall solution enables banks and insurers to schedule and play videos, images and other content from a single interface for centralized control. Staff can easily update, edit and resize financial media in various configurations with up to 250 displays.




Empower filed sales with secure mobility


Samsung KNOX, a mobile security solution for Samsung smart devices, isn’t something new to many enterprises. It offers banks and insurers ultimate protection for business and customer data. They can both rest assured that the enterprise and customer data on the mobile devices are safe, securely managed and saved using the Samsung KNOX.



There are many Samsung Finance Solutions that this article did not cover. For example, Samsung also offers interactive kiosks, multifunction printers & NFC printing solutions, business monitors, and more. Find more information on Samsung’s B2B solutions at


*All functionality features, specifications and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation.




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