Samsung Flip is Transforming Singaporean Classrooms Into Interactive Educational Spaces

on September 19, 2018
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Samsung Electronics is ushering in the next era of collaborative learning for the classroom with its interactive digital display tool – Samsung Flip. In order to provide the students of SKIS, the Singapore Korean International School, with an educational experience strengthened by collaborative digital engagement, Samsung recently introduced their groundbreaking Flip display to the school. SKIS has become the first school in the world to have a full range of digital display solutions in its classrooms.




Transforming the Classroom Experience

The Samsung Flip is an interactive, ultra-high definition (UHD) display that serves as an innovative upgrade to traditional analog boards. On its 55-inch screen, users can introduce existing content through a variety of device connectivity options and are able to annotate directly on the screen with either their fingers or the dual-sided Passive Pen. The Flip features up to 20 pages of writing space in a continuous, rolling stream to facilitate efficient and uninterrupted use.


These digital flip charts have been added to SKIS’s classrooms, library, labs and kindergarten home rooms, transforming the design of the facilities as well as the way in which teachers and students communicate with each other. SKIS’s Principal, Seung-oh Kim, notes that the introduction of the Flip comes amid the schools’ efforts to “adopt the latest technology to provide a state-of-the-art facility.”


The effect of this latest endeavor is notable; “The Flip is revitalizing the school. Collaboration and co-operation are essential for more productive classes.”


The customizability of the Samsung Flip is what makes it the perfect tool to enhance teaching and keep students engaged. Each Samsung Flip display can be configured to either portrait or landscape orientation, depending on unique class needs, and has a portable, wheel-based stand for easy transportation and flexibility in class presentation.


Teachers are able to start class quickly and efficiently by sharing content from their mobile phone, laptop or tablet onto Flip display, all displayed in viewer-friendly UHD resolution for the most compelling learning experience. Hee-kyeong Jeon, a Korean language teacher at SKIS, said of her class’s Samsung Flip experience: “My students can concentrate and listen to me more compared to when they were looking at their own textbooks. By using the technology, students instantly see exactly what I am talking about.”



Not Just for Display


The Samsung Flip does not just benefit teachers; up to four participants can create content or annotate directly onto the screen, making it the perfect tool for group projects and other student engagement activities. The Samsung Flip may be replacing the traditional whiteboard and marker for SKIS students, but that does not mean it is not just as easy to use – with the Eraser function, unnecessary content can be simply wiped away by hand, and is automatically and continuously saved in case of erroneous deletion.


“We can make lively presentations thanks to the direct mirroring of the Flip with smartphones as well as USB ports,” remarks third-grade student Seo-hyun Choi. “It is easy to carry out tasks that involve writing and discussion at the same time.” Deok-hyeong Lee, Social Studies teacher at SKIS, is equally as enthusiastic about the options the Samsung Flip provides students with. “Flip helps my students understand what I’m explaining more easily, and I can use a variety of colors that the Passive Pen provides. Furthermore, it is easy to operate which means my students are participating more actively in their presentation activities.”


Thanks to the Samsung Flip, gone are the days of leaving key lessons behind on classroom boards. The digital display tool contains 20 pages of writing space with embedded quick search, auto-save and quick scroll functionalities. Once a class is over, a teacher is able to share the notes made with the students by e-mail or cloud-based share drive. With such ease of use, the Samsung Flip is helping streamline the modern classroom into being the most productive learning space it can be.


 “We are pleased to introduce the Samsung Flip to SKIS, providing collaborative solutions for teachers and students alike,” said Jui Siang Lee, President of Samsung Electronics Singapore. “We look forward to further innovating the educational industry in Singapore with our leading technology and solutions.”

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